Power of Mantra Chanting

power of vedic mantras

What are Mantras?

Mantra is the powerful extract of language.

It represents the potency of language.

Mantra is language where sound and meaning coincide, to form a powerful potion of words.

It represents poetry, which is born out of the power of the inner spirit and hence corresponds directly to the spirit.

In a Mantra, the sound of the words not only reflects its meaning but aids the manifestation of the entity that it represents.

So, Mantra is a science of sound wherein the meaning and the power of sounds proceeds to the revelation of divinity.

To the organic logic and the intuitive mind, mantra words are not just some arbitrary representations for various objects.

They do not correspond to some custom or particular usage.

Rather, the mantra directly represents the subjective meaning of the entity.

It includes the various dimensions of that entity and is non-separate from the object that it names.

Such names are not mere words that veil the being or essence of things with just memory associations of an externally directed mind.

Extraordinary Dimensions of Mantra

The Mantras are not ordinary names in the sense that we understand words in common diction.

They are essential sound idea behind the object that evokes its being.

Infact it becomes the tool whereby its essence is projected and can be grappled.

Most of the mantric formulae arise automatically within the mind in pure meditative perception.

Mantras have their respective deities and have innate potency to make things manifest.

They are energy personified syllables to charge the practitioner with the benefits of chanting a particular mantra.

Like, the presiding deity of Lakshmi Mantra is Lakshmi Devi.

Her intrinsic quality is to provide the chanter with wealth, fulfilment, abundance and peace.

There are multiple Benefits of Lakshmi Mantras for people who are desirous of attaining Lakshmi Devi’s blessings.

How do Mantras Come Into Existence?

When Sage Vishwamitra undertook deep penance, he underwent prolonged austerities, with a view to purify himself.

His goal was to attain higher, elevated states of consciousness.

So, the deity of purity and austerities dawned upon him the Gayatri Mantra.

The domain of the Mantra is a dimension which is beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.

However, through inner discipline and penance, one is allowed to enter these realms through Grace.

The mantra blesses the person with a great deal of rigor and purity, then

The great sage in his state of trance, received the Gayatri Mantra

Sage Vishwamitra did not compose or create the mantra.

Instead, the mantra revelaed itself from that superior Mantric dimension.

It existed but remained hidden from the world.

However, Sage Vishwamitra attuned himself to that energy frequency.

On receiving this mantra, he made it available to the world as a powerful purificatory mantra.

How to Receive Maximum Benefits from Mantras?

Mantras can be used for many positive purposes if we approach it with the right means.

Such mantras become extremely potent.

However, the practitioner must retain purity through austerities, celibacy and adorning a host of spiritual disciplines.

If we abide by the prelilminary rules of mantra chanting, the mantra becomes a powerful weapon for self-protection.

In Vedic Times, Mantras were unseen weapons meant to protect the righteous.

Such mantras cannot arise within our hearts automatically.

Mantras do not arise in our normal polluted condition; when we cast our labels and titles upon things.

They are subtle and can only dawn on subtle, refined people.

So, it does not come to people who arbitrary values, judgements and determinations upon them.

Then these would represent our manipulation of objects rather than what they are in themselves.

Mantric names arise spontaneously when we open our minds to the “being”, when we do not hold any compulsions against anything.

Mantras are vibrations of the mind uniting to the being of the object in the unity of seeing.

Entering into the meditative state is essential, if we need to recognize a personal mantra for ourselves.

Finding Your Mantra

Mantras can represent our own being, if we are open to the deity of the mantras which are in consonance with our personality.

The more we relax and desire a mantra for ourselves our personal mantra shall slowly make its way to our hearts.

We must not force the mind to chase any particular mantra.

The body and the spirit of the mantra are designed in such a way that when we find a mantra of our hearts, it shall produce vibrations within us and surroundings that shall handle our inner and outer works for us.

The more we are able to resonate with the mantra, the more we shall be able to chant the mantra.

Therefore, handling ourselves shall become easier as we chant the mantra.

The mantra manifests everything according to our needs and what we deserve.

Having a personal mantra is extremely useful.

It satisfies and can enhance our quality of life by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of a Personal Mantra

Firstly, it is important to understand that right now, we have been living a life of chance and are unaware of the Karmic load that we are undergoing.

If we have a personal mantra that resonates well with us, chanting the mantra, throughout the day shall alter the vibrations around us.

The world around us, is just a mighty vibration, a result of our past incarnation and our past times impressions gathered over this lifetime as well as the previous ones.

When a mantra of higher vibration makes its way into our life, which is sweet to our heart, the vibrations of the mantra, shall slowly alter our body cells, our minds, our health and as a result our very surroundings.

All these changes become possible as the mantra resonates within our hearts.

So, mantras have the capacity to infuse newer dimensions of life so as to elevate us through the hologram of life.

Its presents to us higher possibilities of existence abiding which the doors towards enlightenment opens up.

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