Benefits of Powerful Kuber Beej Mantra

Kubera mantra for money, wealth, prosperity

Can everyone chant Kubera Mantra?

Irrespective of your current/past monetary status, or the position of your planets, you can chant this mantra.

So, the Lagna or Rashi of the person chanting the Kuber mantra becomes immaterial.

Irrespective of the caste, creed or gender, anyone can chant the Kuber mantra.

It is safe for both men and women.

Additionally, you consult your astrologer to recommend mantras to subside the effects of bad planetary positions.

Chanting Kubera Mantra, along with other supporting astrological mantras for specific planets can boost your business or income, if at all there are bad planetary positions, affecting the circulation of money.

However, chanting the wrong mantras or choosing a wrong planet for mantra chanting can bring adverse effects.

Most Powerful Kubera Mantra for Wealth

The Beeja mantra (बीज मंत्र) or “Seed mantra” is:

Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng Kleeng Vitteswaraay namah

ओम् श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः

Benefits of Chanting Kubera Mantra

  1. Brings Financial Stability for businessmen, householders and entrepreneurs.
  2. By chanting Kubera Mantras one can easily lead financial lives more smoothly and make the right decisions.
  3. Attracts Grace of Kubera Devata and blesses one with wealth, fame, and prosperity.
  4. It is the best mantra for getting promotions and hikes in monthly/annual income.
  5. It controls All malefic astrological positions affecting monetary status.
  6. Your bank accounts shall never see dips. Instead, you’ll observe steady growth.
  7. You will develop a very strong personality.
  8. The chanter of Kubera mantra shall gain a reputable position in society.

In a nutshell, praying to Kubera is the best method for financial stability and financial growth.

When and How to Chant Kubera Mantra?

Offer your respects to Kubera Devata, Lakshmi ji and Shri Ganeshji before you begin reciting the Beeja Mantras.

For maximum benefits one should chant a few rounds (ideally 8 rounds) of Kuber mantra on Dhanteras (धनतेरस) day, on Narak Chaturdashi and Diwali day.

It is auspicious to chant Kubera Beej Mantra at Brahma Muhurta between 4:00 to 6:00 AM.

Use Lal Chandan Mala while chanting it.

Ensure you don’t chant any other mantra on this mala.

This is because, the deity, Kubera Devata resides in the Mala, if you chant the beej mantras sincerely.

Chanting other mantras on the same mala can slow down your process of attracting wealth.

Ensure you recite the mantra loud and clear, in your prayer room, in a fixed spot.

Chanting 8 rounds of the Kuber mantra, regularly, for a minimum of 21 days, starting from Amavasya day, at a stretch,  has the potency to grant all the legitimate desires of the chanter.

It is also said to increase the confidence of the chanter and shall light up the face of the chanter.

A person regularly chanting this mantra is also said to possess a high status in society.

Supporting Vedic Mantras with Kubera Mantra

Chanting the Kuber mantra also pleases Devi Laxmi.

So, Lakshmi mantras along with Kubera Mantra increases wealth.

Also, Chanting Shiva mantras like “Om Namah Shivaya” along with separate chanting of the Kuber Mantra shall also grant many boons to the chanter.

Please keep in mind that chanting Kubera Mantra for fulfilling evil desires, or  with the intention of causing harm to others will completely destroy your life.

Keep your mind clean while chanting this mantra as it is very powerful.

If you have negative intentions, the mantra will result in unfathomable poverty.

So one should be careful and only wish good for others as you chant the mantra.

It shall benefit not only you, but the people around you, your family members and friends as well.

Interesting Facts about Kubera Devata

Kuber Devata is the chief Treasurer of all Wealth.

Hence, Dhanapati is another name, which means the Lord of Wealth.

So, being the deity of wealth carries a pot or bag full of gold coins and adorned with heavy jewelry. 

He has been given this position by Lord Vishnu.

Kuber Devata is also known as Vitteswara (वित्तेश्वर) which means the Lord of “finance”. 

Mother Laxmi is the personification of Wealth and Prosperity.

But, the chief care-taker of Wealth is Kuber Devata.

He represents the strength behind Wealth or Prosperity. We call it Money power in lay language!

Kubera Devata Family

Lord Kubera comes from the family tree of Lord Brahma.

He is the son of Vishravas who is also the demon king Ravana’s father and Illavida.

Kauberi (कौबेरी) is the eternal consort of Kubera.

Devi Kauberi is also known as Yakshi, Bhadra and Charvi.

The married couple have 4 children.

3 sons are- Nalakubara, Manigriva, Mayuraja and a daughter called Meenakshi.

So Lord Kubera is also the half-brother of Ravana.

Kubera owned the Pushpaka Vimana (the earliest aeroplanes known to mankind).

Later, Ravana defeated Kubera and forcibly took the aeroplane known as Pushpaka Viman from him.

Is Kubera a Yaksha or Devata?

Lord Kubera is also a Yaksha, a semi-divine being.

He is a Devata because he possesses divine qualities like generosity, beauty, and calm nature.

His speciality is that He possesses demoniac, powerful energies under His control.

However, he uses them for the welfare of His devotees and for society as a whole.

He equals the Devatas in His bodily beauty.

Kubera is also the Lord of the Northern direction and therefore is also known as Dikpala (दिक्पाल).

‘Kubera’ in Sanskrit means ill Shaped or deformed.

So, bulky and short depictions share common portrayals, although he has a charming face.

His complexion is similar to Lotus leaves.

His body structure shows some deformities, like three legs, and only eight teeth.

Also, His left eye is yellow.

Also, Kubera’s existence has mention in Buddhism.

The “Money Buddha” of the buddhist origins closely resembles Kuber Devata in his features.

So, Keeping Money Buddha is an auspicious symbol or show-piece for your homes as well!

Kuber Devata is also understood to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

“By the grace of Lord Shiva that Kubera became the treasurer of all-wealth and prosperity.” declare some Puranas.

Other versions claim that Lord Vishnu made Him the chief-care-taker of Lakshmi (Wealth).

Thanks for reading!