Benefits of Shravan Month- Shiva Puja

benefits of shravan month

Importance of Shravan month

Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

During this month, Lord Shiva fulfills all desires.

Hence it is most auspicious to attain Shivatva (liberation).

Not just sadhus, but even householders lie in wait for it.

Indeed, this month imbues happiness in the deepest of hearts.

The Shravan month is Lord Shiva’s favorite.

In fact, Shiva devotees keep waiting the entire year for this month to come.

Praying to Lord Shiva during Shravan

Lord Shiva is indeed benevelonet.

He grants even the rarest of benedictions to his devotees.

To illustrate, he proclaimed Kubera as the treasurer and Ashvini Kumaras as the celestial physicians. Hence, this month brings a new ray of hope in the era of disappointment.

So, come,  today let us take a look at a few wish fulfilling rituals observed during this month of shravan.

Lord Shiva is the endower of bliss.

Hence, a true shiva devotee never gets disappointed

If the person accepts Lord Shiva as his ideal and endures all difficulties with a smile, he crosses the turbulent ocean of samsara.

Significance of Monday (Shravan)

Each Monday of Shravan month holds a special purpose.

Every Monday ritual reaps specific results.

Besides, rituals observed on these days reap faster results.

Each Monday carries with it a bright possibility, which we must not miss.

Thus, we can derive the maximum benefit.

First Monday

lord shiva gives gold to sundarar

This monday unfolds the possibility of attaining siddhis.

Hence many aspirants attain perfection on this day.

Following are the benefits acquired on this day-

1) Permanent residence of Goddess Lakshmi at home (Wealth).

2) Get a job, fight unemployment and get promotions.

3) For successful trade

4) Clear debts and have a regular income.

5) Overall material wellbeing and success.

6) To buy your own house and car

7) Suddenly acquire wealth or win a lottery.

8) For good circulation of money.

The shastras opine that this day is excellent for such endeavors and sadhakas must take full advantage.

Second Monday

Following are the benefits of the second monday-

1) Attain your desired spouse or seduce your lover

2) Influence your partner

3) End familial disputes and for a happy married life

4) Respite from ancestral calamities, house problems and sorcery

5) Attain perfection in sadhana

6) For an unexpected turn in life

7) To physically see Lord Shiva

To accomplish the above mentioned tasks, this Monday is most suitable.

Hence, every sadhaka should make maximum use of this opportunity.

Third Monday

The third Monday is indeed special, since hariyali teej falls on this very day.

You should utilize this day for the following benefits-

1) Unhindered prosperity, and long life of spouse.

2) Have a son

3) For the protection of your offspring and their overall wellbeing.

4) Quickly get your daughter married and find a suitable groom for her.

5) Fulfil all types of desires.

6) Prevent premature death and for familial prosperity

7) Get sudden wealth by the blessings of Lord Kubera

8) For a beautiful and youthful body

Fourth Monday

Lastly, this fourth Monday is very important.

We use this Monday to end all obstacles and conclude our vow.

This Monday deals with fear and ensures security.

Following are the benefits you can derive on this monday-

1) Overthrow and defeat your enemy

2) Win a court case and hear the final hearing.

3) For national security and health

4) Avert any future calamity, humiliation, fear etc

5) Prevent accidents and untimely death

6) For long-life and healthy children

7) Cure serious diseases and ensure a happy family.

8) Keep old-age at bay

Actually, all these four Mondays are deeply connected to Shiva puja.

Only through Shiva sadhana can you attain your desired boons.

Again, if you happen to encounter extra Mondays, don’t miss them.

They are equally important and carry immense possibilities.

Sarvasiddhi Pradavak ritual

Today we shall discuss the Sarva-Siddhi Pradayak ritual which fulfils all desires of the practitioner.

Benefits of Sarva Siddhi Pradayak Process

Following are the benefits of this ritual-

1) You bear a son and experience the pleasure of parenthood.

2) Your coffers multiply and diseases perish.

So, this practice is an impeccable answer to all miseries.

Lord Shiva is called Vaidyanatha, or the lord of physicians.

Hence, consuming the sacred water from this ritual for 1 whole month, destroys all diseases.

3) Lord Shiva had conquered lust.

So, humans afflicted by lustful tendencies gain respite from this ritual.

4) Men who sincerely follow this ritual are rid of impotence and fertility issues.

Within one month, the practitioner attains virility.

4) Unmarried girls attain their desired husband by following this ritual.

5) Lord shiva is called rudra, or the slayer of enemies.

Hence, sincere seekers conquer their enemies and attain overall  well-being.


Firstly, A sadhaka should hail ‘Hara Hara Mahadev’ with all devotion while performing this ritual.

On the first Shravan Monday, the head of the house, the practitioner or any family member should bathe, wear clean clothes and write ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ on some vessel with saffron.

Thereafter, he should establish Lord Siddheshwara on it.

Who is Siddheshwara?

Siddheshwara is a special type of jyotirlinga.

This jyotirlinga brings overall fulfilment

Every sadhaka should thus install the Siddheshwara shiva lingam at home.

Now, place the Siddheshwara linga thus sanctified with special mantras on the vessel and utter a short hymn.

Offer Kesar, Gulal etc.

Then, mix some unboiled milk in a jar of water.

Later, pour the mixture (alone or with your spouse) on the Siddheshwara Shiva linga uttering the holy syllables ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.

Eventually, the shiva ling shall drown in the water.

Let the jyotirlinga remain submerged for the entire day.

Siddheshwara mantra.

The Siddheshwara mantra is given below-

Om Hreem Aim Har Gaurye Rudraya Ananga Roopaya Siddhipradaya Siddheshwaraya Namah.

Now chant this mantra 108 times with a rudraksha mala.

Then perform shiva arati and offer prasad.

Distribute this prasad amongst the children.

Next, all family members drink little quantities of the sanctified water to remain fit and disease free.

Sprinkle the remaining water in the house.

Do this sadhana on the first Shravan Monday.

Truly, this is the best and most effective ritual.

 Try this.

Very soon you shall feel the difference.

Thanks for reading!