Best Spiritual Advice for Youth | Youth and Spirituality


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Youth is the backbone of any nation. If Youth goes astray, it is a matter of time when nations shall bite the dust. The younger, the nation, in terms of the average age of the individuals of the Nation, the greater is the responsibility of the Nation. Youth has to be guided properly so that they are able to execute their responsibilities to the best of ability. It is however important to understand the deeper context of the subject.

Consciousness is that which abounds creation. If there were no consciousness, there is no question of creation. Our mindsets, our intellect, our understanding, our perspective, and everything subtle that operates as extremely complex processes that operate within us, is animated by that one consciousness alone. It is the very life force that animates the world within and around us. In that context, each and every person is important in terms of building a healthier and safe future for oneself and the entire creation. People who have entered their maturity in terms of biological age, naturally take a bit of beating in terms of their zeal and performance capabilities. This rule, follows the natural law and there is nothing to feel sorry for. However it becomes important for matured as well as older people to upgrade themselves spiritually. That is the preparatory stage for these individuals if they are to take responsibility to build a second line. Unless the older generation, realizes its past mistakes, new refreshed ideas and vigor cannot be infused into the younger generation.

Unless the older generation, realizes the spiritual value of existence, nothing can be taught or infused into the younger generation. In line with this, younger folks should ideally seek advice from older people who are wholly committed to spirituality alone. Seeking advice from ambitious people, who are after worldly wealth and ephemeral flimsy gains, shall lead the younger generation astray. Younger people should focus on molding character as the very first step. In fact it is the single most important point that shall decide the purity of global consciousness. If sexual tendencies are transmuted towards higher ideals such as working unconditionally for others, working for the nation, working towards developing valuable skills for self-evolution and so on; these shall be certain ways through which youth shall be able to get a handle on their inner vibrance as well as their ability to influence the world in the positive direction. Universal welfare can only be introduced into the hearts of the youth, if their predecessors are able to set the right examples of service and sacrifice.

Unless the Youth is already trained at a tender age in the field of spirituality, through commitment, sincerity and the perfect service attitude, nothing can really change for the Youth. If youth wallows in the murky world of unnecessary, undesirable ambitions triggered by greed and a self-centered approach it shall take the world into a dark void of violence and self-destruction, the impact of which shall haunt all souls of the world even post death. This shall be a degradation of consciousness for many millenniums to come. Instead value systems should be explored and experimented with; the Truth Gems hidden in the Vedic scriptures should be unearthed through faith, practice and first-hand execution of its principles. Youth should stand up only for Truth and should conduct themselves with uncompromising fairness and sacrifice. Only then shall hearts flower and the fragrance of other-worldly values elevate the Youth from where heavens shall lie well within their reach.