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How do you control instincts?

Man is driven by the ways of the world. He depends on external stimuli to decide his own state of mind. He is unsure of how he feels and unable to decipher whether he is truly happy or sad. Since he does not have direct access to his most innate feelings and tendency, most of the external world of events and opinions shape and dictate the way he thinks and responds. This response, is the response of the mind, a mere instrument that depends on dead data and information that is outdated and skewed depending on externally manipulated environments.

For example when one is made to participate in a rally of a certain politician who comes to the town, the claps of the crowd actually depends on how much each member of the crowd is paid. If a member of that crowd is paid $10 for an hour compared to another member of the crowd who is paid $50 for half hour, naturally the member 2 in the crowd is likely to clap more frequently for every non-consequential comment that the politician makes. If the member 1 comes to understand the fee that member 2 is paid, it may well end up that member 1 will not clap at all and is likely to leave the rally in 10 minutes, avoiding the eye of the organizers.

Man is ever manipulated by the externality of the world. The more he gets involved with the world outside, the likelihood is that he can be easily manipulated just like a computer program manipulates data. Most of the experiments in the field of psychology, are based on the mechanical responses of man. Hence to a great extent the field of psychology has under its field of study about “Man, the Machine”. Hence psychology is extremely limited when it comes to assessing the deeper potentials of a human being. The more, a man becomes focused inwards, the lesser will the laws of psychology apply.

The above statements can be understood in the following manner. Man has tendencies which he shares with animals, which are fear, insecurity, tendency to covet and a host of other instincts. These instinctual tendencies are largely based on external environments. When one is surrounded by neighbors who do not belong to your race or community, fear and insecurity builds, although these insecurities may not be directly have any rationale. Similarly if the neighbors come to know that you are not one among them, although they are in a majority, they shall always view you with a suspicious eye. Such behaviors are within the scope of psychology and driven by instincts. Just as wolves have their own territories and cannot have territories shared with other animals, humans also share this trait. However, a man who has opened himself to the spirit, may not necessarily be limited to certain animalistic behaviors or instincts. He may also not be under the grip of fear. A man of the spirit has realized the Truth about himself and the world and owing to this realization does not have fear of loss. He is free from the limited views of a bound being, understanding well that the largest portion of humanity is also tightly bound by the domain of instincts. Psychology has always been confused about spiritual people and treats them as a fringe population who are exceptions to the researches carried out in their field. But the fact of the matter is that it is never so.

The faster a man realizes his unlimited nature, through spiritual practices and the pursuance of Truth as a principle, man shall witness his original eternal nature. This is not a “fringe” observation but a matter of ever scrupulous Truth. This is an undeniable fact, if only man pursues the right things in the right manner. Matters of the spirit are eternal and unchallenged because they point to Truth and nothing else. If man realizes his limitations and takes a humble position to know and accept the Truth of the Self, he shall be able to transcend the illusion of personality and shall then graduate from a machine to a being.


What are characteristics of instinct?

Instincts happen as an automatic reaction to a stimulus. Survival, self-protection and self-defence are the basic drivers for instinct. Instinct only relays animal like characters which does not care about the the other. This is the highlight of instinct. To be bothered about one’s hunger or one’s family’s protection without having any concern about others is an example of basic instinct. 

What are the three basic human instincts?

Sexual drive, Hunger and Self-defence under all conditions are three basic instincts

Does instinct determine our behavior?

Yes, instincts form the essential components of behaviour. However when man awakens to the call of spirit, instincts become sublime and get conquered. The dark aspects of reacting through spirits disappear and the person’s behaviour graduates to a higher grade.

Should I trust my instincts?

Trusting instincts indicates that one is more concerned about self-maintenance. Instincts are not driven by intelligence. The more one becomes aware and internally focused, instincts become sublime. It is better to trust the spirit. Instincts are for people who have no idea about the spirit.

How do you control instincts?

Instincts cannot be controlled. They have to be investigated. Investigation can only happen if we become totally aware. Automatic responses are usually a function of instincts. The more we become conscious, instincts become sublimated. Intelligence  then replaces instincts.

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