Bhadra helps Krishna in his search

Bhadra helps Krishna in his search

Treasure Hunt

“What are you finding?” When someone bends down and examines the gaps between grasses, one should understand that the person is searching something desperately. Also, that object must be very tiny; which can easily get buried under the grass.

Kanhai carefully raises each foot and walks. It is absolutely unnatural for such a prankster to walk down on earth like this. Which gemstone has he lost for which he has sacrificed his real nature?? On the ground- amidst grass- What great finding awaits him?

His waist is bent. His captivating curly locks have covered his entire face. Through his soft, curly, black and oily hair, his earrings dazzle.

His vanamala and patuka go sweeping the ground. The pearl necklace on his neck dangles. Due to his extreme slow movement, his anklets, tinkling bells, bangles aren’t making any sound. His flute is tucked in the buckle of his Kachni, against his stomach. Kanhai seeks something.

Sometimes, he moves the shoots with his soft lotus feet. He then slowly advances and sets his foot on the ground.

Description of the forest

Far in the meadows, colorful cows graze. Also, amidst their herds, there are bulls- brown, white, red, black of many hues. There are cows and calves. Likewise, deer, wild buck, antelopes, etc have joined their herds and behave like domestic pets.

Countless colorful birds chirp on trees. Some of them fly to sit on other branches. The monkeys are jumping everywhere. Many of them glance at Kanhai and surround him on both sides, but Krishna’s focus is not on them at the moment. He is finding something. He is in desperate search.

The sky is clear. Moreover, the warm soothing sunlight feels good during winters. The gopa kumars cozily rest after their afternoon meals. Since, Kanhai was sitting near Dau dada, other children sit dispersed nearby.  Some sit spreading their legs, some lay, while others making little groups, talk and sing. None of them stand at this hour. After a long playing routine, the tired children are resting.

Suddenly, Bhadra becomes alert. Dau dada has returned lone, then where is our Shyam?

Kanhai is certainly within their reach, but what is he finding so one-pointedly? Sometimes, he moves the dense curly locks from his face to one side with his left hand. He goes merrily swaying a full-bloomed lotus in his right hand, but what is he finding so intently?

Krishna seeks Bhadra’s help

“Kanu, What are you finding?”- Bhadra ran to Kanhai and very lovingly enquired.

What was I finding? Now, Kanhai was baffled. He stood straight and very innocently looked at Bhadra’s face- “What was I finding?”

“How do I know?”- Bhadra chuckled. How can the other tell what one is finding?

“Tell me now, what was I finding?” Kanhai sounds annoyed. His tone clearly says- I may have forgotten many things, but how can Bhadra who knows so many wonderful things, forget this simple matter? Why doesn’t he quickly tell what Kanhai seeks so desperately?

Bhadra pleases Krishna

“You were finding Indravadhu.” (2 meanings- red insect and Indra’s wife) Bhadra clapped and said- “It is not right to seek the other’s wife. Currently, Indravadhu might be in the heavens. On Earth, she descends only at the onset of rains.”

“Indravadhu! It is not that.”Krishna jerked his head.

Currently, he doesn’t intend to find that tender red insect.

He says- “Tell me the right answer.”

There is frustration in his voice. He is whining, he is pleading- “You certainly know it. Come on tell me.”

The one who was finding has himself forgotten and now Bhadra has to answer.

“Your stick, cane, Where is that?” Bhadra asked.

“That is what I am finding.” Kanhai’s face lit up. He now embraced Bhadra. Now, is the stick so tiny, for which you were striving so hard?  Bhadra will easily find it for you.