Birth Of Murugan and Death of Tarakasura

birth of murugan

Role of Lord Murugan in Hinduism

Lord Muruga is a very important Devata in the Hindu system of belief.

He is the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Paravati.

There are some variations when it comes to his brother Lord Ganesha.

Some sources state that Muruga is the elder brother of Ganesha, while some others say that he is the younger brother of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Muruga is the commander and chief of the army of the Devas.

Murugan is mostly venerated in southern India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

He is widely known as Kartikeya, Skanda and Shanmuka.

Lord Kartikeya’s birth, youthful days, life, and pastimes with devotees are put forth differently according to many versions in Hinduism.

People describe Muruga as a young handsome man holding a divine spear, riding majestically on a peacock named Paravani and his Flag resembles a cock.

Some Vedic texts mention that Lord Kartikeya has 2 wives Devasena and Vali.

But the most famous and popular story of Lord Muruga is the story of his birth.

The Boon and Wrath of Taraka

The story of the birth of the warrior god is quite interesting.

It all started from the Devatas.

Once a Heinous but powerful demon, Tarakasura dreamt of conquering the 3 worlds and put over his ruthless rule.

Keeping this in mind his ministers suggested Taraka do penance for Brahma and seek an invincible boon.

So Tarakasura did severe penance to please Lord Brahma and fool him to get the boon of immortality.

Taraka’s penance shook the Brahma Loka and this worried Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma became aware of Taraka’s penance and decided to give him darshan.

Lord Brahma gave the demon his darshan and asked the demon to put forth his desire.


Tarakasura desired to become immortal.

Lord Brahma rejected his request by saying that every being who is born is destined to die.

Now the cunning demon used his crooked mind and thought that Lord Shiva is busy doing his meditation after Devi Sati burnt herself.

Now it will take ages for lord Shiva to complete his meditation.

Keeping all this in mind Taraka Asked the 4 headed God that only Lord Shiva’s son should be able to slay him.

Lord Brahma granted the desired boon and left for his abode.

Thinking himself to be immortal and undefeatable now, Taraka left no time in conquering the earth and the underworlds.

This became a threat for the Devatas as they feared their position.

Soon their fears came true and Taraka in no time made the Devatas his slaves.

The Demons tortured the Devatas day and night and this made their lives miserable.

The Solution for the Demon’s End

Somehow the Gods freed themselves from their hellish lives and ran to seek help from Lord Brahma.

Now, Lord Brahma was in a dilemma.

The boon he gave to Taraka says that only Lord Shiva’s son can slay him.

But, now Lord Shiva is in deep Samadhi.

So all the Gods including Brahma went approached Lord Vishnu for a solution.

The all-knower Lord Sri Vishnu analyzed the situation and told the Devatas that Devi Paravati the daughter of Himavan is doing severe penance.

In her previous life, she was Devi Sati.

She wishes to please Lord Shiva and ask Him as her husband.


Lord Vishnu asked Kamadeva (the God of Desire) to disturb and stop Lord Shiva’s Penance.

Kamadeva went to Kailasha with his consort Devi Rati.

Both of them danced and sang to disturb the Lord’s Meditation.

But all in vain.

Finally, the God of Desire took out his flower bow and arrow and left it on Lord Shiva’s third eye.

The entire universe shook, causing havoc as they tried to disturb Lord Shiva’s meditation.

This irritated Lord Shiva and He got up from his meditation with great anger.

Lord Shiva’s fiery glance burnt Kamadeva into ashes.

The Lord’s third eye opened.

The innocent Kamadev was reduced into ashes, and looking at her consort perish, Devi Rati fainted.

Now the Devatas sang devotional hymns to calm down the lord.

The Gods narrated their plight and fear.

They requested the Lord to marry Devi Paravati, following their son can fulfill the boon of Lord Brahma as well as the desire of the Devatas.

Soon the marriage took place between Shiva and Paravati with great homp and pomp.

The Birth of Lord Muruga-Kartikeya

birth of skanda

In spite of the Devi Parvati getting married to the Great Lord Shiva, the situation did not seem to improve.

So, Lord Indra ordered Lord Agni to remind the Lord of Tarakasura.

Agni Dev went to Kailasha, following the commands of Indra.

As soon as Lord Shiva saw Agni dev, He realized the reason behind his visit.

Agni dev stood there silently waiting for the Lord to say something.

The Lord who knew everything gave Agni dev a small divine seed, and said this seed will fulfill the reason behind your visit.

When Agni dev took the seed on his palms, his palms started burning.

Can you believe it, the seed was hotter than Agni Himself!

As Agni was passing by the Ganga, he thought of dipping his burning hands inside her cool waters.

When he did so the water currents swept away the seed, and the seed shattered into 6 pieces.

These 6 pieces then were placed on 6 lotus flowers.

After that these pieces transformed into 6 beautiful babies.

Meanwhile, 6 Kṛttikās (6 celestial women) were passing by.

They saw the babies and could not stop their motherly affection towards the children.

So, they took one child each and started giving the children motherly love.

The Death of Tarakasura


In Kailasha Lord Shiva was talking to Mother Paravati and told her about the seed and 6 babies born out of the divine seed.

Mother Paravati then desired to take the babies in her arms and raise them.

Both of them went near the streams of mother Ganga and saw the 6 celestial women playing with the children.

Devi Paravati told the women to hand over the children to her.

This created an argument between them and during this argument, mother Ganga, the 6 lotus flowers, and Agni dev also participated.

They all came in front claiming their ownership of the babies.

Lord Shiva who was silent, now decided to speak to them.

The Lord made them realize the reason behind the birth of these children.

Lord comforted them and said that they will have equal rights over the babies, but the first and main right will go to Devi Paravati.

Saying so the argument ended and Devi Paravati took the babies in her arms.

As soon as she took them in her arms the 6 babies became one.

Then they proceeded towards Kailasha with their son Murugan.

Devi Paravati and lord Shiva armed their brave son with invincible and lethal weapons.

Then Lord Muruga went to the doorstep of Taraka and declared for war.

The 2 warriors fought fiercely which finally declared Lord Muruga victorious.

Lord Murugan relived the Devatas by slaying the demon with his invincible spear!

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