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Brahman-Within And Without

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When a sadhaka, after having given up, his internal clinging to the external phenomenon, he views the entire creation of animate and inanimate existence as Brahman alone. This he arrives at, seeking guidance from a perfectly realised Master, who clears his doubts regarding the outward phenomenon. Having realised thus, the sadhaka gets established in Brahman. This is same as Knowledge and Bliss condensed, solidified, in which he takes delight (Chapter 5, Verse 24; Chapter 6, verse 27; Chapter 18, Verse 54)

The Sadhaka, thus regards all phenomenal existence to be illusory, in his heart and a product of the three Gunas, also all acts proceeding from the three Gunas (त्रिगुण) of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas (सत्व, रजस, तमस, mode of goodness; mode of passion; mode of ignorance), are apart from the Self and verily perishable in all respects. Negating all these by-products of phenomenon manifesting as time, place and circumstances, the sadhaka should get established in the Self alone, the Self being the only Existence (Chapter 13, Verses 2, 34)

In the discussions that precede this one, there are 2 approaches with respect to the Path of Knowledge, which have been lightly touched upon in earlier sections, that is: Everything around is Brahman as worshipable, the first approach, and that “I”, the Self, is Brahman, the second approach. One has to take up the first approach while dealing with the world and the second approach has to be taken up while dealing with oneself. The ways of applying these approaches to daily life can be understood as under.

In the first approach it is said that all that we see around is Brahman. This means that when we deal with the world, this point should be borne in mind by the sadhaka. This notion has to bring up the following points as one deals with the world.

(1) The outside conditions are Brahman, hence I cannot under estimate the outside intelligence that is working around me.

(2) It would be a fallacy to assume that I can fool the world and get away with it. If I do get away with it, temporarily, it shall not last long. It is going to get me anyway.

(3) I cannot unnecessarily take, undue advantage of another soul in the outer world. If you try to trick anyone, you are going to be trapped and tricked. The laws of Brahman never miss their mark.

(4) Do not expect rights from the world. You are here to do your duty. This life is for service. Remember everything is Brahman and hence God. Brahman takes care of you automatically, if you do your duty well. This is in fact, the price for your service. To take for granted, the external world, is to take for granted, Brahman alone.

In the second approach, it is said that you are Brahman. This means that when you deal with yourself, you are dealing with God. It is another matter that you have not realised, God is inside you.

(1) If God is within me, he is watching me and he knows all the evil intentions that the mind is throwing up at me.

(2) I cannot dare to abuse my mind with toxic thoughts and abuse of the body. If I engage in nefarious acts of body and mind, my own body and mind shall revolt against me one day and put an end to this life. It is important that I maintain absolute purity in thought word and deed.

(3) As one purifies oneself, through Sadhana, following our Spiritual Master and the scriptures, the Lord inside shall start revealing His presence within us. As we remove all that is toxic through maintaining a clear conscience, by maintaining a spotless character, by practising meditation and yoga, the energies within our body shall increase, giving rise to the higher experience of Brahman.

(4) On the other hand, if one abuses the body and mind, our consciousness levels will drop and will take us to darker domains of existence, where life shall be experienced like a blot, a curse. It shall lead to episodes of depression and many other mental phenomena. It should be understood that, it is Brahman alone that induces the gamut of experiences into our lives.

In short whether we regard the outer world as Brahman or the inner world as Brahman, the fact is that, everything that we know off and do not know, is Brahman alone. Even a blind acceptance of this concept is enough to take someone one step closer to Freedom.