Shukracharya curses Brahmins | Story of Shukracharya and Kacha | Bhaktamal-10

On receiving the son of Brihaspati, Shukracharya was delighted and with much love he decided to impart the knowledge of Sanjivani mantra to him. This brought immense displeasure to the Asuras and they attempted to murder Kacha. To their astonishment their guru, granted Kacha life every time they plotted against him. Repeatedly they encountered failure until a foul plan struck their mind.

Sage Shandilya documents the Bhakti Sutra | Lord Rama meets Sage Bharadwaj | Bhaktamal-06

It is important to study the lives of committed devotees, in order to appreciate the great pastimes of the Lord. Listening to the pastimes of the devotees of the Lord, is considered even superior to listening the glories of the Lord. When one faithfully listens to the pastimes of the devotees, the Lord becomes exceedingly satisfied and develops a deep liking towards the listener. Hence it is important to methodically garner knowledge about the great devotees of the Lord.

Ratnakar robber becomes Valmiki| Brahma Blesses Valmiki | Bhaktamal-05

The life of sages of Bharath is a beacon that lights up the path of the entire world. Bharath is the land of pure spirituality. It is a land where the Supreme Personality of Godhead incarnates and paves the way for his devotees so that they can learn from His life. The Lord is followed by His exemplary devotees who the common man adores and worships. This is the path of Sanatana Dharma, a path for all irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or Nationality.

Guru of Prahlad Maharaj | Glories of Narada Muni | Narad muni characteristics | Bhaktamal-03

More than the Lord, the Lord is happy if His devotees praised and sung the glories of His own devotees. The Lord becomes extremely buoyant with such an approach. The path of Bhakti is sweet because it not only covers the glories of the blessed Lord, but also sets an example to aspirants by glorifying the devotees who have followed the path of Bhakti and made their own life extremely successful.

Story of Narada Muni’s Past Lives | Why was Narada born as a Shudra? | Bhaktamal-02

The past two births of Sage Narada is a beacon of inspiration for people who want to take up Bhakti. It is a matter of utter faith and surrender to our Vedic texts. Matter is never attainable while the spirit is ever attained. However we have forgotten that the spirit, is our original form, transcendental in nature. Trusting the Shastra, if one were to take up a study of sage Narada's life, each one of us has the potency to reach where did, to know about our immortality and stay immortal, for now and forever.

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