Contents Of RigVeda-Part-8

The Teachings of the RigVeda are unique. It is an adaptation of the way the real universe is fashioned. The RigVeda encompasses various secrets which even the scientists of today cannot imagine or measure with their so-called modern quipments. The whole philosophy of modern science is smaller than the smallest infant when compared to the magnanimity of the teachings of the RigVeda

Framework Of The Eternal-Sanatana Dharma-Part-5

The Ramayana and the Mahabharatha are beacons for the world. Unless one imbibes the principles and value systems enjoined in these works of wonder, it is impossible to dream of perfection. Perfection in man, simply means to perfect oneself in Truth , in character and Moral values. The Framework of Sanatana Dharma stands on the two pillars of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and cemented by the mortar of the Bhagavad Gita.

Framework of the Eternal-Sanatana Dharma-Part-4

Understanding Sanatana Dharma, directly contributes to the clearing of consciousness. Understanding the structure of the Dharma, highlights the scientific basis on which the affairs of adminstration, education, personal-care, social care, and all other aspects of life were based. The framework was so advanced that it is even relevant in modern times and shall remain relevant till the eternal.

Contents of the RigVeda-Part-7

The principles of the RigVeda are not a myth, but the very epitiome of Reality. It is an expression of our True Nature, which all of us have forgotten through a serial degradation of the ages. It is time to revive that spiritual rigor and induce within ourselves that lost fragrance of Dharma, through a thorough understanding of the Spirit of RigVeda

Sanatana Dharma- Framework-Part3

In order to know life in its entirety it becomes mandatory to understand, follow and live life on the terms of Sanatana Dharma. It will be worthwhile to understand the structure of the Dharma. The propounders of the Dharma and the values it offers to the genuine follower of the Dharma.

Contents Of RigVeda-Part-6

It preserves the hymns of many of the most famous and legendary of the sages of India which includes Vashishta and Vishwamitra. These sages were as renowned as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna or the Buddha, who appeared at a later date. These sages outlived many blessed personalities of the yore and are also stated to be living even at this current time of Kaliyuga, in their ethereal forms, accessible to people who have the right qualifications to contact them. This is not myth, but a blaring truth.

Contents of the RigVeda-Part-5

To understand the value of the RigVeda, it is important to understand the culture that gave rise to the RigVeda. The Aryan or Vedic system is perhaps the oldest of all known civilizations. Understanding the older cultures of Bharath can be considered as a preperatory ground for understanding the mood of the RigVeda

Contents of the Rigveda-Part-4

It is important to understand that the Rigveda is not a casual work. One has to have a rudimental level of spiritual capability before attempting to unearth the deeper secrets hidden in the bosom of the book. The RigVeda is definitely not for popular consumption. It is a sacrifice that can be only undertaken by the individual who is vying for the highest Truth.

Contents of the RigVeda-Part-3

In this great sacred ambit, of the Rigveda,nothing is as it is appears on the surface. The teachings of the RigVeda appears to be veiled from the outer mind. Its teachings are under a clout and inaccessible to the non-devoted, as if locked by some sacred formulae.

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