Vedic Gods and Goddesses

how to do ganesh puja

How to Worship Lord Ganesha?

1) Blow the conch before and after the deity worship… 2) Light the Pancha Pradeep or Normal Diya… 3) Do arati… 4) Recite the Famous Ganesha Mantra…

Philosophy of Vedic Gods And Goddesses

Devas Hinduism | Science Behind Vedic Gods and Goddesses of India

We often misrepresent the concept of Gods and Goddesses. Fundamentally we are usually misinformed about them by the media, by what people of little knowledge as well as our inept sorroundings. It is important that we understand the deep philosophy of the Veda, in order to explore into the concept of a personified God. The more we are able to garner about the concept of God, the more we shall be able to connect to their superior energies.