Importance of Human Birth | Glories of Lord Rama

Human birth is extremely rare. Hence it is important for us to use this lifetime wisely and understand the ultimate goal of life. Through the pastimes of Shri Rama, we get an opportunity to progress in spiritual life which is the ultimate goal of all human beings.

Does Lord Rama show Partiality? | Vali and Sugriva Fight

It is important to understand the thin line that separates partiality and Dharma. This was seen in the relationship of the Lord with Sugreeva, the Vanara king. Vali was elder to Sugreeva and more powerful, yet the Lord sided Sugreeva and helped the killing of Vali in an apparently deceitful manner. Unless one digs deep into the incident one shall mistake Dharma to partiality. Humans are often prone to committing this error.

Ram Sita first meet in Pushpa Vatika | 2 Types of Bhakti- Siddha Bhakti and Sadhana Bhakti

Meeting of Lord Sri Rama with His eternal consort Srimati Seeta Devi for the first time on the earthly plane is of great significance from the view point of Bhakti. It is necessary that one views our great scriptures in the larger perspective of the life process and then look for the deeper secrets of life hidden within the anecdotes of Scriptures. Devotion and devotional activities are the life and soul of a Bhakta, a devotee. The Lord of the devotee's heart has many lessons to offer to them. It is important that the scriptures are understood in the right mood and context so that Bhakti in the heart finds expression and meaning.

Saint Tulsidas Teachings for Kaliyuga | Story of Manu and Shatarupa meditation on Lord Rama

The Story of Manu and Shatarupa is most relevant in current times. Man spends his entire life running after fake inducements that life has to offer thereby becoming restless and unhappy. He fails to realize that there are higher ideals which he can pursue that can make him happier and contented. Bhakti is perhaps the greatest gift that has been conferred upon man by God. Yet man fails to use this option for his own betterment and fulfilment.

Characteristics of King Dasharath and Bhakti Yoga | King Janaka in Ramayana

Understanding a scripture on face value is not sufficient. Vedic Scriptures encourage us to look deeper into the anecdotes that they have documented and urge the seeker to deliberate on them through applied knowledge. Only then can the works serve to take the seeker deeper into the inner realms of consciousness. It is important for the students of the Ramayana to understand the larger context of the various characters that appear in this great legend.

Ramayan Bali Sugreev Fight | Lord Rama and Sugriva Friendship

It is needed to look deeply into the stories from the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. there is more to it than meets the eye. Lord Krishna represents Bhakti. However the character of Sri Rama is dualistic. It stands for the equal-eyed Jnana and also to the partial Bhakti aspect. If we do not see the deep philosophy of the stories of our Puranas, we shall miss out the greatest lessons of life. Looking deeper at these stories can trigger our intelligence and prevent us from committing great mistakes as we continue to live in this mortal world.

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