How were the Maruts born? | Story of Garuda and Naagas | Hari Vamsa-10

In one fight that broke between the Devatas and Asuras, Devi Aditi approached her husband Kashypa and asked her to bless her sons, Indra and other Devatas with victory. Overpowered by dissatisfaction that came about by the defeat of the Asuras in major battles that ensued between the two parties, she sought a boon of bearing powerful sons from her husband.

Story of Creation in Hari Vamsha | Sanat Kumara brothers turn down Brahma | Hari Vamsa-06

Understanding our origin is a very important step towards our own redemption. The Mechanics of our redemption lies deep within the Truth of our eternal coming to existence to the material platform. This understanding should not be based on the fleeting principles of modern science, which keeps changing its positions, theories and postulates. Vedic Knowledge is fixed, universal and eternal. Hence it is very important to delve deep into our origins that the Hari Vamsha boldly reveals.

24 elements of Prakriti | Janamejaya Snake Sacrifice Story | Who is Hrishikesha in Mahabharata? | Hari Vamsa-05

Understanding the origin of Creation is necessary to know the cause of all that is. When this original cause is probed into, understood and assimilated, doubts about everyday struggle shall automatically evaporate or cease and small things that used to harass us once, shall stop bothering us anymore. Study of scriptures is essentially aimed at removing the obstacles within the life process so that the flood gates towards immortality are thrown open.

Lord Krishna’s Love for his Devotees | Truth about Spiritual Motivational Speakers |Hari Vamsa-04

Hari Vamsha enlists the spotless character and demeanour of the Supreme Being. It describes the characteristics of the Lord and tries to elaborate on how he can be attained or reached, by contemplating upon His endless qualities, although it appears impossible to reach him. The Hari Vamsha records the various pastimes of the Lord in such a way as to attract each and every living entity to Him so that one is included into the fold of the Lord.

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