Sadhana and the World Beyond Senses | Spiritual Secrets to Train the Mind

Sadhana is the backbone of spiritual realization. Grace is the cause for Spiritual realization. But the very cause for Grace is intention and the Sadhana that follows such intention. Only when Sadhana is committed, free of desire, in the direction of the Supreme, seeking His Grace, it can never be long-lasting and hence will be fruitless. Through Satsanga, one can increase and steepen one's sadhana. Sadhana is indeed the single-most cause for any transformation of life, character and events.

What is Brahmavidya? | A brief introduction to the Vedas and Upanishads

The Upanishads are the gateway from the fleeting to the immortal. The Vedas talk about ,what we can do to clear up things in the material world so that we can enjoy here and in higher domains which fall under the domain of matter and materialistic emotions. Vedanta or Upanishads are the consummation of the Vedas. The end of all Vedic rituals end in dissatisfaction, here and else where. The Upanishads that occur in all the four Vedas have the formula to qualify for a region which are beyond the senses, which is ever new and free from the short-comings of this world as well as the heavens. The Upanishads delineate the address of the final frontier, so to say.

Introduction to Mundaka Upanishad | The Journey of Dissolving Ego and Realizing the Self

The goal of the Upanishads is to initiate the awakening process. When one is serious about waking up to his reality, there can be no other work as authentic and genuine as the Upanishads. Simply meditating on the Upanishads can initiate a tremendous trigger-process within the system because the Upanishads were composed in the most wakeful states of existence. Even the mere words of their composition are pregnant with awareness that by simply remembering the intention of the works, can snap the sadhaka out of his cosmic slumber.

What is Meditation? | Dhyana, Concentration and Meditation explained

Meditation is a great tool to gravitate to our final reality. Concentration is an integral aspect of meditation. Subjective reality relates to our original nature to which meditation and concentration can serve as a conduit channel Undertaking meditation under an expert is essential if our intention is to graduate to our subjective reality which requires the individual to transcend many interceptive extrasensory vibrations which may have a detrimental effect on the psyche if not performed under able guidance.

Relation of Bhakti Yoga with Karma and Jnana Yoga| Why is Bhakti Yoga important?

Many times people enter into arguments trying to prove which form of Yoga is better than the others. Technically each form of Yoga is suited for certain type of individuals and may work better for the type of personality one may be. Here it is important to gather that whatever may be the type of Yoga one may follow to arrive at Truth, it is vital that one follows that particular Yoga with commitment and faith. This sincerity of application of the mind is what Bhakti is.

What is Knowledge and Perception | Understanding Experience and Knowledge

Many concepts such as Experience, Perception, Intuition, and Knowledge requires proper understanding. An understanding of these concepts can open several locks that hinder our understanding of the world that surrounds us. As we remove the various road-blocks through a proper deliberation on these concepts, one shall be able to break free from pre-conceived notions that blur the vision of reality that is behind all phenomena.

Prarabdha, Sanchita and Aprarabdha (Agami) Karma| Role of Spirituality and Free-Will in Personal Karma

Understanding the philosophy of Karma can only make us respect and bow down before the Law of Karma. Appreciating the Law of Karma will equip us to handle Karma for what it has been commissioned by the Supreme Being. Understanding the Law of Karma can only encourage us towards developing an intention within us to become free of Karma which will bear fruition in the form of liberation.

5 Qualities of a Spiritual Seeker | Basics of Spirituality

Higher ideals in an individual are an indication of the purity of his soul. The purity of intention and purpose decides one's inspiration to get involved with the world and set a precedent in the world. However it is important to understand that the raised bars of ideals that happens automatically within an individual is a guide to allude to a higher pass. If man misses this point, Maya Devi shall than have her ways to teach lessons to this man of ideals.

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