Meditation and Awakening

Pranayama for effective Kundalini Shakti Awakening

The 3 Stages of Pranayama

There are 3 key stages in Pranayama for Kundalini sadhana, namely Puraka, Kumbhaka & Rechaka. 6 proven practices help clean our mind & aid Kundalini Rising.

signs of negative person

3 Signs of a Negative Person

Negative people have behavioral defects because of low consciousness. He is unstable when compared to other people. They are susceptible to negative vibrations.

Dhyana, Concentration and Meditation explained

What is Meditation? | Dhyana, Concentration and Meditation explained

Meditation is a great tool to gravitate to our final reality. Concentration is an integral aspect of meditation. Subjective reality relates to our original nature to which meditation and concentration can serve as a conduit channel Undertaking meditation under an expert is essential if our intention is to graduate to our subjective reality which requires the individual to transcend many interceptive extrasensory vibrations which may have a detrimental effect on the psyche if not performed under able guidance.

Benefits Of Mantra

What are Mantras? | Power of Mantra Chanting

Mantra is a great tool to know ourselves. If we want a mini hologram that entirely represents us, it can only be a mantra that we have been chanting with our heart suffused in the vibration of the mantra. The mantra represents a pathway that bridges the mortal dimension to the immortal one. If we want to know what is immortality, we have to know the efficacy of the mantra. The more we chant a mantra, the more we shall graduate towards the nuances of life and get near to the fixing of the the life riddle.