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Hindu scriptures on lying

Hindu scriptures on lying | Why we should not speak a lie? | Reasons why lying is not good?

Lying is the way of the modern world.. Lying is the nature of an impure and untrained mind. We always like to project ourselves, our best self. Naturally when we project, it has to be a lie. The more we project to the world, the farther we get from our true Nature. We believe in the false conceptions of the world and we like the world also to have false conception about ourselves. Nothing false can stay. All that is a lie is fleeting and short-lived.

Love and Compassion for Humanity

Why you should not donate to nonprofit organization? | Love and Compassion for Humanity

Our mind and senses usually cheat us. That is how they function. It is important that an outsider does not take advantage of our senses. Corporates trick us through engaging ads and invoke idealistic emotions like Care, Love and Compassion. Art and Creativity have been enhanced through technology. If we are not careful, we may donate for a cause that is simulated and not real. Are we even sure of how our donations are being used?

Commercialization of Spirituality

Commercialization of Spirituality | What is spiritual materialism?

Spirituality is not a casual escape mechanism. Spirituality is the power to recognize, accept and respond to Truth. It is nothing other than what is stated here. Discovering Truth has become difficult here because we have been living in hope and all hopes are fundamentally based out of falsity or falsehood. So how can an entity seek Truth in the future where his fundamental premise is based out of utter falsehood. We need to look into this point a little deeper.

6 Pointers On Pride And Humility

6 Facts about Pride and Humility | Important lessons on Pride and Humility

Pride brings the fall of man. This is what the scriptures say and one can practically learn from the history of man as to how pride creates chaos and downfall. Yet we remain unconscious when pride is born within our hearts. So the best way to keep pride away is to imbibe the quality of humility. Humility on the other hand keeps us on our toes and makes us attentive to all our unconscious responses and keeps us grounded all the time.

8 Tips For Self-Discipline At Work

8 Tips for Self-Discipline at Work | 8 principles of Self Discipline in Skill development

Self-Discipline is a building block , a framework for the manifestation of inner spirit and joy. Although discipline is a hard word by design, it is the only process that can take man closer to the position of liberation. Discipline of any sort, relating to work, skill or spirit is liberating by its very nature. Self-discipline is to be deliberately inculcated if at all one is serious about the spirit.

5 Things To Know About Preaching

5 Things to Know about Preaching | Sanatana Dharma Teachings are beyond Preaching

Preaching appears to be a regular feature in modern forms of religion and spirituality. Religion and Spirituality can prosper through teachings and hand-holding, when there are seekers and interested people who want to know Reality. But preaching is the negative aspect of Guidance where flare is used as a selling and influencing mechanism to attract larger crowds using religion as a pretense. Preaching has less to do with spirituality and more to do with pomp and gimmickry.