Don’t get Attached to Material things | Attachment to Old Things

Material things are not really material by nature. They somehow represent an extended part of us and in some way represent our consciousness. Material objects represent that part of us which has been frozen, which have lost the ability to change, to become fluid, to move on. Only when man learns to let go of material things and leads a life with uncluttered matter and free space around him can there be a flow of pure consciousness.

8 Tips for Self-Discipline at Work | 8 principles of Self Discipline in Skill development

Self-Discipline is a building block , a framework for the manifestation of inner spirit and joy. Although discipline is a hard word by design, it is the only process that can take man closer to the position of liberation. Discipline of any sort, relating to work, skill or spirit is liberating by its very nature. Self-discipline is to be deliberately inculcated if at all one is serious about the spirit.

9 things to know about Spiritual Health| 9 Tips to Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is a very important concept in Spirituality. The most important components are spiritual outlook, spiritual discipline, our spiritual philosophy which is realized after many years of spiritual commitment. It is spiritual health that decides our destination beyond this body-mind. It is a parameter that decides the vehicle called spiritual body that remains with us for eternity after we qualify for it, on maintaining a high-level of spiritual health.

4 Secrets of Spiritual Success in Life | The Keys to Spiritual Success That Will Change Your Life

Success is the buzz world that triggers almost all activities of the world. Defining Success in line with the general world's consideration is to simply define stress, strain, tension and worries. We have seen that the so-called great one's recognized as successful wilt and decay under pressure to perform and repeat their success. What value does such success have? It is high-time that we redefine success and consider it, in tandem with spirituality. Defining Spiritual Success is a very intelligent thing to do in these current times of worldly stress.

How can Sadhana help Change Personality Defects? Introduction to Sadhana

Many people feel that Spiritual discipline or Sadhana is not meant for people who have a lot more to see in life. Most people associate Sadhana with religion or faith. But there are valid and more important arguments that need to be considered for every individual, so as to follow a spiritual discipline pattern at the earliest. Interestingly, spirituality, common sense and pure intelligence are different names for the same facet.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay Maharaj has a Vision of Hanumanji | Lord Hanuman blesses Ramkinkarji Maharaj

It is interesting and vital to study the life of sages who have walked on earth. It becomes especially important if one is eager to know what is at the heart of Sanatana Dharma. The sages whose lives are an epitome of sacrifice, who have made their life a receptacle of God, need to be studied and surrendered to. Unless one's emotions and inspiration is tuned to such elevated beings, Knowing God shall remain a far-fetched dream.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay and Ramcharitmanas | Ramkinkar ji Maharaj Ram Katha

It is important to understand the lives of the Sages and Seers of India, by studying them closely. Through this study, one should try to decode the mystery of life. The sages of Sanatana Dharma represent the highest ideals, the very epitome of pure consciousness. When the lives of these sages are studied and assimilated, our journey towards the Absolutely is simplified and the mysteries of life get unraveled with consummate ease

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