The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-7

The life of Sri Shankar Dev was meant for a divine purpose. The challenges of his life serve as lessons to the followers of Dharma and Truth. When the devotees of the Lord are challenged, the Lord transforms Himself into time, place and circumstances and stands rock solid by the side of His devotees. It is God alone who transforms challenges into opportunities. The life of Sri Shankar Deva is a testimony to this dictum.

Simple Teachings of Sri 108 Tatwale Baba

In order to reconstruct a life of service based on a high value system, it is necessary to undertake a deep study of the lives of seers and sages who are the torch-bearers of Sanatana Dharma. Sri 108 Tatwale Baba is one such sage. His teachings are succinct and hard-hitting. If man were to even apply once principle in his own life, it shall be an examplary life.

The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-5

Bhakti has its own power. This is best expressed through the lives of pure devotees. A pure devotee effortlessly , through the Grace of the Lord, transforms an apparently challenging situation to an advantageous situation. The life of a devotee, is intended for the welfare of all and does not distinguish between friend and enemy. Sri Shankar Dev was one such great devotee of Assam.

The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-4

The Story of Shankar Dev will be a great inspiration for people to take up Bhakti as a process for self-reformation. The story can serve as a great inspiration, towards getting connected to a great movement, the movement of the Supreme Lord. For readers of the stories of devotees, it would have become evident that devotee stories are a vibrant and power conduit that can connect us directly to God.

The Story of Shankar Deva-Part-3

The story of Shankar Dev will serve as an inspiration who intend to develop into pure devotees, pure Bhaktas. It is interesting to understand the conditions in which Sri Shankar Dev presented his life for our study, so that we can take a leaf or too from his life and make ours, a worthwhile life.

The Story of Shankar Deva-Part-2

The life of Sri Shankara Deva was exemplary. A deeper look into his life and works shall reveal the Power of Bhakti. His early life was challenging, a life that he had to live, must against his wishes. he fulfilled the duties of an obedient son and then of a principled father. However all through his heart remained soaked in Bhakti. The calling was from Vrindavana, the Land of Leela, Divine Play.

The story of Shankara Deva- Part -1

The study of the lives of devotees is important, if we are to learn the techniques of lives. Knowing their lives, can serve as useful tools in setting the benchmark of a life of ideals. It is a barometer that can point to the right milestones and guide us through the many trials and tribulations that life has to offer.

Three Sages and Gita Press-Part-4

The lifes of sages reflect the very Truth of existence. What they represent, is an invitation to the common man, to take to a lifestyle, that paves the way towards immortality. By listening to the life sketches of sages like the three sages of the Gita Press, man shall be able to peep into his past and retrospect, his own life.

Three Sages and Gita Press- Part-3

The life of sages can be eye-openers. Especially to those who seek meaning in life. For those who wish to awaken, it is necessary that such people delve deep into the life of sages from the Sanatana Dharmic tradition. It is Dharma alone that has encouraged sages to set examples for the coming generation. To take a chapter of two from the life of sages, is to give oneself the taste of elixir that grants immortality.

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