Pure Awareness through Sadhana

What is it that works as intelligence within us. What is it that powers the life process. Is there a means to realize it? The means to light up life, is within our reach. One should takes immediate steps to get there

Spirituality and Success

The comparison of worldly success to spirituality is like comparing the desert to the cool waters of the calm lake. One should understand the blessings of Spirituality and weigh the options of succeeding against inner fulfillment.

Philosophy behind Meditation.

Meditation is a popular topic. However there is more that meets the eye. Ontology of meditation is not spoken much about. It is important to know the real purpose of meditation and what it can do for you.

Rights, Not one!

All of us talk about rights, about what needs to be done to get something. Nature has been exploited in this process. What do the Vedic scriptures say? It will be interesting to explore our lifestyle and attitudes

Desires of the Modern Day

Modern consumerism has a lot to do with spiritual health. Something needs to be done to regain our lost, spiritual health. There needs to be a starting point. Lifestyle has to change, if at all we desire to reclaim the purpose of life.

Lie your way out

Lying, today has become a way of life today. Nobody has been spared of this habit. People are more concerned about its short-term gains than its long-term ill effects. That is more disturbing


The "I" construct, is what gives you the limited conception of life. That is what gives you the limited world. Self-remembrance is the access key to the beyond.

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