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Dont Get Attached To Material Things

Don’t get Attached to Material things | Attachment to Old Things

Material things are not really material by nature. They somehow represent an extended part of us and in some way represent our consciousness. Material objects represent that part of us which has been frozen, which have lost the ability to change, to become fluid, to move on. Only when man learns to let go of material things and leads a life with uncluttered matter and free space around him can there be a flow of pure consciousness.

6 Pointers Towards God

6 Facts about God | Man did not Create God

Saying that man has created God and that He can be “created” the way you want is a figment of rich imagination. That’s all. God is eternal and he can be realized through authentic processes recommended in Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma. He manifests in forms and these forms of God are eternal. Sadhana is the process of surrendering to Him through processes recommended by the spiritual master. Your earnest seeking shall make Him available to you, As He Is and not as you imagine him to me although you can employ several processes to invoke Him which also includes imagining Him!

8 Tips For Self-Discipline At Work

8 Tips for Self-Discipline at Work | 8 principles of Self Discipline in Skill development

Self-Discipline is a building block , a framework for the manifestation of inner spirit and joy. Although discipline is a hard word by design, it is the only process that can take man closer to the position of liberation. Discipline of any sort, relating to work, skill or spirit is liberating by its very nature. Self-discipline is to be deliberately inculcated if at all one is serious about the spirit.

9 Things To Know About Spiritual Health

9 things to know about Spiritual Health| 9 Tips to Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is a very important concept in Spirituality. The most important components are spiritual outlook, spiritual discipline, our spiritual philosophy which is realized after many years of spiritual commitment. It is spiritual health that decides our destination beyond this body-mind. It is a parameter that decides the vehicle called spiritual body that remains with us for eternity after we qualify for it, on maintaining a high-level of spiritual health.