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Hindu scriptures on lying

Hindu scriptures on lying | Why we should not speak a lie? | Reasons why lying is not good?

Lying is the way of the modern world.. Lying is the nature of an impure and untrained mind. We always like to project ourselves, our best self. Naturally when we project, it has to be a lie. The more we project to the world, the farther we get from our true Nature. We believe in the false conceptions of the world and we like the world also to have false conception about ourselves. Nothing false can stay. All that is a lie is fleeting and short-lived.

What is Knowledge and Perception

What is Knowledge and Perception | Understanding Experience and Knowledge

Many concepts such as Experience, Perception, Intuition, and Knowledge requires proper understanding. An understanding of these concepts can open several locks that hinder our understanding of the world that surrounds us. As we remove the various road-blocks through a proper deliberation on these concepts, one shall be able to break free from pre-conceived notions that blur the vision of reality that is behind all phenomena.