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4 types of mind problems

4 Types of Mind Problems| 4 Defects of a Conditioned Being

Mental health is vital for smooth functioning of life and for the highest attainment of life that is god-realization. However in the modern world, there are many fundamental aspects of the mind ways that are considered normal but which are far away from normal. The 4 defects need to be understood and corrected by accepting suitable mental and spiritual discipline, if we are to progress towards the highest reality.

9 Simple Things to Remember About Mind

9 Simple Things to Remember About Mind | 6 Main Parts of the Mind

The Mind is the instrument that reflects life or consciousness. The constituents of life are enlivened by the functioning of the mind. Unless Mind is understood through awareness, meditation and higher understanding, it cannot be grasped. The purified mind can be engaged towards understanding the Nature of mind. Spiritual discipline is a tool that is used to reform and refine the mind.

5 Characteristics of Enlightenment

5 Characteristics of Enlightenment | The Best Definition of Enlightenment

Enlightenment cannot be forced. One can take up spiritual practice for elevation of consciousness. Enlightenment is the end of all endeavours. It is the final resting into one’s own original nature. You can get prepared to witness the sun rising. You have to make yourself available for the sun rise. You cannot make the sun rise, it shall happen on its own.

9 Spiritual Laws Of Money

9 Spiritual Laws of Money | Investing Money in Spiritual Wealth

Money has its benefits. But if it overshadows the very principles that govern life, what value does it hold? Only if money is utilized for spiritual growth can it be considered of any value. Its a different thing that today money is used as a resource to corrupt the very values that hold society.

Importance Of Spiritual Education

Importance of Spiritual Education | Lessons of History we Failed to Learn

Understanding World History with Truth and fairness is the first step towards spiritual awakening. The fallacy of man is to take for granted one’s freedom without bothering to bring about a course change as one is heading in the wrong direction. Our stance in the world should reflect the status of Truth so that a change within oneself can effect a change in the world.

Bound And Boundless Life

How can Sadhana help Change Personality Defects? Introduction to Sadhana

Many people feel that Spiritual discipline or Sadhana is not meant for people who have a lot more to see in life. Most people associate Sadhana with religion or faith. But there are valid and more important arguments that need to be considered for every individual, so as to follow a spiritual discipline pattern at the earliest. Interestingly, spirituality, common sense and pure intelligence are different names for the same facet.