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Attachment The Root Of The Material World

Attachment- The Root of Suffering | Attachment Spirituality | Letting go of Attachment

The subject of materialistic attachment is central to the theme of spirituality and spiritual practice. Attachment is one of the tools, using which one can salvage through the torrential river of materialistic existence. If this topic is understood and realized, then practice becomes easy although spiritual practice can in no way be considered simple, Once the attacks of attachment is detected then the field of spirituality can become an interesting journey for such a student.

Medical Science And Spiritual Insight

How Mind can Heal your Body? | Relationship between Spirituality and Health

Medical science is a boon for the current age. However there is a certain aspect that is often neglected by almost all human beings, when it comes to applying medical science to extract maximum benefit from it. Doctors prescribe medicine, but can the doctor know all the things, all the parameters concerning the mind, our specific system, that controls our health or bodily parameters? The simple answer in “No”. This is where spiritual insight becomes an important point to consider. Spiritual insight only develops with practice of Spiritual discipline.

The Fallacy Of Community Service

The Fallacy Of Community Service | Can I Change the World?

Serving the community, serving other people is direct service to the Self. Never mistake service as supporting others or helping others. The whole world is the Self. When one serves oneself, it is the smaller self, when one helps others without expectation, that is true spirituality.

power of samskaras

How Samskaras are Formed?

Samskaras, are our mental impressions. They represent our tendencies that lie in a dormant state, floating in the subconscious mind. They initiate action.

Preparing For The Final Abode

Death is the Ultimate Truth of Life | Spirituality to Overcome Fear of Death

The fact of life is that it is intriguing. We simply live our lives without understanding what life is and where it is heading to. Unless we pose some serious questions to ourselves and take a position about life, life shall continue in endless, fruitless cycle. The fearful aspect of life is inarguably death. What causes fear when we die. How do we get rid of this fear, as we prepare to die. We need answers to this questions, failing which the concept of life shall remain mystified.

Human Body-A Rare Opportunity

What is the Purpose of Human Life? | Human Body and Spirituality

The Human Body is the greatest possibility. In fact it is for that opportunity alone that a living entity receives the human body. Unfortunately almost all humans waste this golden opportunity. It will be interesting to understand what this rare opportunity is and understand the basis of that rare chance.