Mind grows like the river | The heart of the Yogi | Yaksha Prashnam-10

The Mind is like an ocean. It became an important point of discussion between the Yaksha and Dharma Putra, Yudhishthira. The whole of material life revolves around two objects which are Mind and the world. What we call the world is the conception of the mind alone. It is in fact the expansion of the mind. What we experience with our senses are the products of this very mind. People interpret each thing differently and that interpretation itself starts expanding into other subject matters. This gradual expansion of subject matters, itself is what we call the world, In Vedic Parlance this is called Samsara.

Comparing 4 things can end worry | Role of Women in Varna Ashrama Dharma | Yaksha Prashnam-09

The Yaksha Prashnam event in the Mahabharata throws enough light on the granular level duties of man. Abiding by these duties shall slowly elevate man and end his worries. A methodical understanding of the Scriptures is what can solve the problems of man, from its very root. Our mind and intelligence today, is hijacked by western education and western views, which is nothing but a bundle of ignorance. We have to shred this ignorance layer by layer and elevate ourselves to the platform of pure knowledge. The epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata shall prove immensely useful in this regard.

Moksha Connection with having a son | Senses are Alive and yet a dead man |Importance of Varna-Ashrama Dharma | Yaksha Prashnam-08

Modern times have become challenging, not only in terms of increasing world crisis, environment challenges or external reasons. What is more disturbing is the deteriorating standards of the inner value system, the mind being the central player. Our minds have become sullied than never before and it is becoming more and more difficult to harness and focus the mind. Following the Varna-Ashrama Dharma at any cost, is a possible way out of this crisis.

Why does Rama kill Vali? | Rig Yajur Sama Atharva Vedas in Yagya | Yaksha Prashnam-07

The Yaksha Prashnam series highlights small aspects within one's life that are useful for one to perform Dharma as well as to attract the immense grace of the Lord. Modern man is harassed by innumerable problems. Man does not have a clue about why he is suffering, only thing is that one sorrow follows other just like a bogie follows another, in case of a goods train. By scientifically understanding Dharma one can easily weed out all causes of suffering from material life altogether.

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