Understanding the Nature of Mind | Importance of Sadhana and Satsanga

Mind is the basis of our functioning. Just like taking a bath is necessary for maintaining the body in a clean and presentable form, it is required that the mind is kept in good health. Keeping the mind pure, clean and healthy is more important than bodily cleanliness. Unless the mind is rendered clean, our experiences of the world shall be full of pitfalls and sorrows. Hence one has to methodically rid the mind from impurities and the tendency of the mind to get scattered.

4 Hurdles in Spiritual Path | Letting go and Spirituality

The mind is the mischief maker always. It is smart in making you believe that you are spiritual because it has known your blind spots and weaknesses. Our honesty and commitment to Truth has always been in question. Moreover we do not want to be left out from society. We want both Truth and the world. The mind makes you believe that this is possible and that you are getting close to Truth. If that is so, you cannot be further away from Truth.

Consciousness Psychology | Self-awareness and Personal Development

Our identification with people, things, emotions and thought ans circumstances has created a false self of me and mine. When our fundamental identification mechanism itself is faulty, how can we even begin the process of any improvement, if at all we desire to attain perfection in this life. When we are able to create a gap, a separation between the mind and our subjective self, all possibilities of error simply drop off. As we progress with the separation of the mind from the Self there is a progression in our Self-improvement initiative almost as a reflexive response.

7 Ways of Mind Chatter | How can we stop Mind from chattering

Arjuna says that I am able to control the winds with my weapons but I cannot manage the flow of my own mind. This is what the mind can do to us. It can simply blow us out and make us dolls managed by its own whims and fancies. When such a thing is happening beyond control, know that it is the chattering mind which is telling you to do so many things over which you have no control. This madness of the mind-chatter has to stop if you want to be useful to yourself and the society at large..

4 Types of Mind Problems| 4 Defects of a Conditioned Being

Mental health is vital for smooth functioning of life and for the highest attainment of life that is god-realization. However in the modern world, there are many fundamental aspects of the mind ways that are considered normal but which are far away from normal. The 4 defects need to be understood and corrected by accepting suitable mental and spiritual discipline, if we are to progress towards the highest reality.

9 Simple Things to Remember About Mind | 6 Main Parts of the Mind

The Mind is the instrument that reflects life or consciousness. The constituents of life are enlivened by the functioning of the mind. Unless Mind is understood through awareness, meditation and higher understanding, it cannot be grasped. The purified mind can be engaged towards understanding the Nature of mind. Spiritual discipline is a tool that is used to reform and refine the mind.

How does the mind work? | Role of Karma in life

Understanding the life-process in the light of Vedanta can open new avenues towards understanding the phenomenon of life with immaculate precision. Whatever we see in front of us had existed in subtle form in the mind, a creation of our own samskaras that came into reality because of our conscious or unconscious outward projection. This cannot be confused with Creative Visualization.

10 Tips for Building Better Mental Health |The Impact Of Spirituality On Mental Health

Having the right mentality is preliminary condition towards healthy and peaceful living. Great Mental health and spirituality are closely connected and can be considered as two sides of the same coin. If Truth is part of one's character, naturally such a person shall have great mental health. The goal should be to become more spiritual. As one does this, mentally one shall become more calm, peaceful and collected.

Understanding your True Self | Human Behaviour Psychology

Psychology is considered to be a very important subject especially in the domain of Mental Health. Psychology has its own limitations. The basis of Psychology is the assumption that Man is a machine. This is true only till the stage that man acts under the influence of his "bound" nature. However when man takes up to the spirit, the science of psychology cannot determine the functioning of the man who is now under the diktat of the freeing spirit.

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