Freedom, Wisdom and the means to get there

We often take life for granted. This is because we are unaware of how life operates. We do not know anything about the switch that turns life one. If we are to be in control of life, we need to know, the aspect that needs maximum attention in order that life is conducted well.

How Do I know what I need.

Identifying Need is very important. Unless man understands what drives him to act, he cannot get a handle on himself. Desires are the ones that drives man to commit blunders. It then becomes a pressing need to distinguish between wants and needs

I feel accomplished when…

The world is spinning. We spin along with it. There is so much to be attained, to be accomplished. Where do we go next from here. Setting new goals and accomplishing so much. What Am I looking for?

Spirituality and Success

The comparison of worldly success to spirituality is like comparing the desert to the cool waters of the calm lake. One should understand the blessings of Spirituality and weigh the options of succeeding against inner fulfillment.

Eyes off Truth

Spirituality and Truth are non-different. The modern world is going the Charvaka way, an old Indian cult. What does it take to see the Truth and gravitate towards our higher purpose and continue that way after life?

The Spiritual Deluge

Spiritual experiences is the direct interference of the Absolute, in the life of a seeker. A seeker who has been wanting to know the Absolute, is greeted sometimes by the Spiritual Deluge.

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