Ramayan Bali Sugreev Fight | Lord Rama and Sugriva Friendship

It is needed to look deeply into the stories from the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. there is more to it than meets the eye. Lord Krishna represents Bhakti. However the character of Sri Rama is dualistic. It stands for the equal-eyed Jnana and also to the partial Bhakti aspect. If we do not see the deep philosophy of the stories of our Puranas, we shall miss out the greatest lessons of life. Looking deeper at these stories can trigger our intelligence and prevent us from committing great mistakes as we continue to live in this mortal world.

Valmiki Curse to Nishad | How Valmiki Wrote Ramayana?

Many of the meetings in the tales of the Puranas represent important turning points in the field of consciousness. Such was an epic meeting of Sage Valmiki and Sri Brahma. Sri Brahma was the sole inspiration that prompted Sage Valmiki to compose the poetic epic the Ramayana, that has stood the ravages of time and shall continue to stand its ground as long as the sun and the moon rise at the horizon. If one is to connect with one's inner self, the Ramayana can be a means to enable the connection.

Story of Sage Valmiki and the Krauncha Birds | Narada Describes Glories of Lord Rama

Understanding the Ramayana is vital. The Ramayana sets the mood of how a person should behave and conduct himself on the material platform. If one were to remember the Ramayana, he shall escape the very clutches of death with consummate ease and get into the boundless territory of the spirit. The initial verses of the Ramayana sets the pitch and creates ample interest in the reader towards the understanding the Self.

How did Valmiki write Ramayana? | Description of Ramayana

It is important to understand, how the Ramayana began. One should understand the greatness of the work, the greatness of the one, who has authored this scripture. One should know about the spiritual masters who have been the driving force behind this work , that continues to maintain the balance of the world even today and shall continue to do so for eternity.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay Maharaj gives Ram Katha | Story of Ramkinkarji Maharaj and Ramacharitmanas

The life of Maharajshri, Ramkinkar Upadhyay was exceptional. If one hears the lectures of Maharajshri, one shall be convinced that he is a blessed sage who has the capacity to transform another individual just by his power of speech. More importantly if one studies the life of Maharajshri, one shall come to the firm conclusion that Grace is the second nature of sages. Maharajshri is one such sage.

Lord Rama Asks Vibhishana and Lakshmana’s Views to Deal with the God of Sea

The characters of the Ramayana are interesting and are reflective of the million shades within human consciousness. The role of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Rama is to harmonize these varied shades of consciousness and create a symphony so as to make the experience of life blissful. Lord Laxmana and the brother of the demon king Ravana, Vibheeshana stand at antipodal ends. It is interesting to study the characteristics of these two brothers of diametrically opposite characters represented by Lord Rama and King Ravana.

Bridge made by Lord Rama | What is the Significance of Ram Setu Bridge?

Understanding the position of Lord Rama, is to stand with Truth. It is important for man to make sense of opposing ideologies and viewpoints within the world. Unless there is harmony among antipodal viewpoints and perspectives, there cannot be progress in Truth. It is important to choose our ideals in such a way that one can orchestrate a complete harmony among those ideals. If that art is supoosed to be mastered, one should take pains to understand the character of Lord Rama.

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