Place of Seeta Devi’s birth | Ahilya and Satananda |Sri Rama at Seeta Swayamvara | Valmiki Ramayana-15

The exploits of Lord Rama is very interesting. As the Lord travelled with his brother Lakshmana and Sage Vishwamitra, he went by foot from Ayodhya to Mithila. His surrender to his preceptor Vishwamitra and his obedience to him is something that the world lacks today. The current state of the world makes it necessary for sincere living entities to revisit the life and adventures of our great Lord, Sri Rama.

Bhageeratha brings down Devi Ganga | Story of Parshurama and Vishwamitra |Vishwamitra proceeds to Mithila | Valmiki Ramayana-14

The Ramayana envelops within us many other anecdotes that appear in different Puranas. The purpose of these anecdotes is to awaken great lessons of life within humans so that they conduct their lives with intelligence and discipline. Dharma is the basis of life and our final goal can only be reached, following the path of Dharma. The path of the Supreme Lord is lit with the flood-lights of right conduct and right living. If anyone is ignorant towards this central conception of right living, such a person is a deemed fool.

Why does Lord Vishnu sleep? | Sri Rama killed Tataka Subahu and Maricha | Valmiki Ramayana-13

The Ramayana is a practical handbook for a sincere sadhaka, for a practitioner who has made up his mind to observe Dharma at any cost. The Supreme Being, in His incarnation as Sri Rama, establishes the value of obedience and surrender. The Supreme Personality is a personification of humility and courage, rolled into one. Whoever contemplates on the Ramayana, again and again shall discover the blazing, brilliant secrets of Dharma that shall never let its practitioner down at any time.

Vishwamitra asks Dasharath to send Rama with him| Vishwamitra Ram Lakshmana | Valmiki Ramayan-11

The conversation between Sage Vishwamitra and King Dasharath about sending Sri Rama to the forest along with the sage has many dimenisons. The event displays the love of a father towards His son, the Supreme Personality. It displays Bhakti, because the son is none other than the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The sage on the other hand is concerned about establishing that the small boy is the Supreme Person while Dasharath is happy with this cognisance that the boy is just his son.

Greatness of Lord Rama’s Brother Bharat | Belief in the Vedas | Valmiki Ramayan-10

The Ramayana is a spotless epic that highlights the beauty of relationships, raising it to level of the highest spirituality. All material relationships are bound to wilt and fade away. The Ramayana is woven in such a way that all material relationships are transmuted into a direct relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thus raising the standard of relationship and taking it to unassailable levels.

Purpose of Rama Avatar | Glories of Lakshmana- The epitome of service | Valmiki Ramayana-9

Only Shastra, Vedic Scriptures can be the source of perfect, impeccable knowledge. The Shastra recommends the right solutions to man's everyday problem, irrespective of whether the man is ancient, of the near past, the present or of the distant future. Shastra is applicable at all times and is not restricted by time, place and circumstance. The Ramayana is such a Vedic scripture. It is replete with examples , where it establishes without doubt, why man is unhappy. Applying the Vedic teachings intelligently, is probably the only hope for the modern man.

King Dasharath divides Sweet rice among Queens | Birth of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna| Valmiki Ramayana-8

King Dasharath was blessed with four sons. The Lord along with His part incarnations appeared as the king's sons. Understanding the position of the four aspects of the Supreme Personalities is the epic called Ramayana. Once a person absorbs the mood of the Lord in the form of Rama, all doubts about Dharma and Adharma shall be dispelled from the heart,without delay.

King Dasharatha performs the Ashwamedha Yajna | Lord Vishnu incarnates as Lord Rama | Valmiki Ramayana-7

Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Being prepares to descend on the earthly plain. Sri Brahma and the celestials, the Devatas are distressed by the constant attacks of the demon king Ravana who punishes the good souls and prevents them from carrying out any ceremonial rituals towards the celestials, making them weak. The Lord prepares for His incarnation on the earthly plane at the end of Treta Yuga and takes the four beautiful forms of Sri Rama, Bharata, Laxmana and Shatrughana

Lord Rama’s Family Lineage | Putra Kameshti Yajna by King Dasharath | Valmiki Ramayana-6

It is important to know the character of the king to know about the kingdom. To understand finer details of the kingdom, it is important to see the lineage of rulers that ruled the kingdom. The Ikshavaku clan was so great that the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in that lineage. To understand the greatness of the Lord's human form, it is important to understand the greatness of the lineage in which he appeared.

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