What is Brahmavidya? | A brief introduction to the Vedas and Upanishads

The Upanishads are the gateway from the fleeting to the immortal. The Vedas talk about ,what we can do to clear up things in the material world so that we can enjoy here and in higher domains which fall under the domain of matter and materialistic emotions. Vedanta or Upanishads are the consummation of the Vedas. The end of all Vedic rituals end in dissatisfaction, here and else where. The Upanishads that occur in all the four Vedas have the formula to qualify for a region which are beyond the senses, which is ever new and free from the short-comings of this world as well as the heavens. The Upanishads delineate the address of the final frontier, so to say.

Introduction to Mundaka Upanishad | The Journey of Dissolving Ego and Realizing the Self

The goal of the Upanishads is to initiate the awakening process. When one is serious about waking up to his reality, there can be no other work as authentic and genuine as the Upanishads. Simply meditating on the Upanishads can initiate a tremendous trigger-process within the system because the Upanishads were composed in the most wakeful states of existence. Even the mere words of their composition are pregnant with awareness that by simply remembering the intention of the works, can snap the sadhaka out of his cosmic slumber.

5 Things to Know about Preaching | Sanatana Dharma Teachings are beyond Preaching

Preaching appears to be a regular feature in modern forms of religion and spirituality. Religion and Spirituality can prosper through teachings and hand-holding, when there are seekers and interested people who want to know Reality. But preaching is the negative aspect of Guidance where flare is used as a selling and influencing mechanism to attract larger crowds using religion as a pretense. Preaching has less to do with spirituality and more to do with pomp and gimmickry.

Importance of Spiritual Education | Lessons of History we Failed to Learn

Understanding World History with Truth and fairness is the first step towards spiritual awakening. The fallacy of man is to take for granted one’s freedom without bothering to bring about a course change as one is heading in the wrong direction. Our stance in the world should reflect the status of Truth so that a change within oneself can effect a change in the world.

True Meaning of Spiritual Freedom | Spiritual Freedom through Sanatana Dharma

Freedom has many connotations. No freedom can truly be realised without the realization of the spirit. Realization of spirit is the basis of true freedom. There are many aspects of material life which leads to utter bondage. Spelling those out becomes vital if consciousness is to be directed towards its final release. Only in Spiritual freedom can true freedom be completely realized and lived.

How can Sadhana help Change Personality Defects? Introduction to Sadhana

Many people feel that Spiritual discipline or Sadhana is not meant for people who have a lot more to see in life. Most people associate Sadhana with religion or faith. But there are valid and more important arguments that need to be considered for every individual, so as to follow a spiritual discipline pattern at the earliest. Interestingly, spirituality, common sense and pure intelligence are different names for the same facet.