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Sugriva doubts the Power of Sri Rama

What to speak of Sugriva? He is so peculiar that even after Bhagavan himself comes to him for his friendship, he doubts His powers. So Sugriva decided to test Bhagavan. He said that Sri Rama must prove his supremacy to convince him.

Friendship between Lord Rama and Sugriva | Lord Rama angry with Sugriva | Sugriva aur Vibhishana- Part 3 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Lord Rama and Sugriva’s friendship

Hanumanji tells Sri Rama to follow him to Sugriva’s place since it is a physician who meets a patient. Hanumanji presents a logic before Shri Rama. He says “if Sugriva had the power of Sadhana, I wouldn’t’ have requested you to come. But Sugriva is a jeeva who has no strength of Sadhana, he is utterly incapable, you have to be merciful upon the soul and personally come to assuage his misery.