Characteristics of Great men | Secret to Happy Life | Importance of Spirituality

Characteristics of Great men

The gem that glitters in broad daylight

Is it worth marveling at sight?

Watch the gem withstand despairing nights,

How it displays its caliber and might!

The realization dawned just at daybreak.

It feels as if gulping a cake.

How can man’s real nature be put to test?

Let us place him among the Top 10 best.

The humble ones, Are they the best?

Today they’ve put my patience to test!

Being par with the rich,

They threw their helper into the ditch.

How you counter a vitriolic troll,

Adds a score to your virtuous scroll.

Finally, you ought to pay your tuition fees.

Why think of the world and lose your peace?

Today, my speech is extremely strange,

The bird within has opened its cage.

Soft butter or razor sharp cutter,

For, you have no right here to litter.

I don’t sense ruffle within.

The purpose of spirituality reveals within.

Anger stems when expectations smash,

Do not let your virtues crash.

Oh, it seems like a split personality,

Spirituality has a solution veritably.

All that matters is peace of mind,

People outside cannot see inside.

I experience joy and pain,

Let my robes remain unstained.

Buy a pack of crispy fries or stale chips,

You are unaccompanied to taste every bit.

Like passengers of a local train,

Travelers carry their personal strain.

Not a single hand at help,

Throw the relative book from the shelf.

Everybody outside is like you,

Stop dreaming and start anew.

This is the greatest illusion to rip,

It your personal vocational trip.

Everybody’s destiny is just not the same,

Sheep is butchered, goat is reared.

Hear the hustled city speak!

Drop the backdrop, simply watch the scene.

It is after all my journey,

Let me lay my plan and organize the screen.

Every soul reaches its stop,

People take this with a glass of scotch.

Skills breeze in to blow away,

Why claim ownership and feel the pain?

Seniors possess frozen skills,

The yarn of Karma shows disentangled frills.

The Inevitable dooms without your call,

Should we indulge in profit and loss?

Appreciate aesthetics or technology,

After all universe has its logic.

To balance the seesaw of fortune and tragic.

Population exceeds, Pandemic strikes,

To counter surplus, a drought will strike.

Nature is brutal in critical matters,

Let the Mahabharata happen for illusion to shatter.

Years together have thus passed by,

What have I achieved as a man of 75?

Survival spree became my occupation,

Oh, Count down’s begun to board the station!

Is spirituality living in the present?

If future is your say, Spirituality has a way!

Think of the peaceful time of your end,

Look at the sea and think my friend.

Think of the Lord and purify your mind,

Execute your chores keeping god in mind.

Present paves way for future,

Don’t chase security and leisure.

Ancient structures crumble with time,

Spirituality grants fulfillment in life.

Survival fear carries countless problems,

Can you name any one in random?

Insecurity, conspiracy, jealousy, fallacy,

With all this ever, can I be happy?