How to find out ‘good and bad’ in life?

First step towards knowing the truth

All of us have conceptions of right and wrong. These conceptions are the ones that take us through the illusion of the world. This is confirmed by the Vedic scriptures. What we feel right is an opportunity for us; opportunity to raise ourselves and put the other one down. To know Truth we must rip all conceptions.

The dualistic approach of Right or Wrong just enhances the maze of the material rut around us. We hold views and there are others who hold contrary views. Our entire life has become a war of right and wrong and with time the parties switch over to opposite views and yet conflict remains irrespective of who is wrong or who is right.

The views of right and wrong are the reasons for conflicts. We take right and wrong as gospel truth rather than taking them as mere viewpoints.

Is it important to know what is right and what not?

What is important is to look for Truth within and not fall prey to taking sides of right or wrong because both views are equally wrong. Truth is not dependent on the ideas that the mind pops up as “Right” or “Wrong”. It is important to get aligned with our deeper self by accepting ourselves as we are rather than getting muddled up with how the world feels or reacts towards our own views.

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We need to be connected intensely with our true inner nature first and that’s the key. Thus taking up spiritual practice is an important step towards cleaning the mirror of the mind which is buried under the dust of general views and opinions that we have unconsciously formed over many lifetimes.

The more our consciousness is purged of these deficiencies, the more we are free from the wheel of right and wrong. We should note that one man’s medicine is usually the other one’s poison.

Mind set to accept the fact

If we are able to accept the other as they are, with a pinch of salt, there would be much less conflicts in our lives. Getting too much identified with right and wrong is a great reason for increasing stress levels in our lives. We have become very much opinionated and that has become a source of concern.

Our dogmatic approach towards the right and wrong of life has made us constricted beings who have become less capable of radiating love and care. It is time to let go and become free of out fixations, if we imagine ourselves in a stress-free world.

Do you think that your ideologies are becoming a road-block. and is consuming a lot of your energy. Usually people face ego-related problems when acknowledging our wrong conceptions.  Also read position of right or wrong with respect to Truth? Let me know in the comments section about your ideas on this subject!

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