Who is Qualified to Read the Rig Veda? | Understanding Rig Veda and its Glories

Contents Of RigVeda-Part-4

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The Vedic Religion, proclaims that the Rig Veda is called the Arya Dharma, the teaching of noble souls or the Aryans. It is to be understood that Sanatana Dharma is Arya Dharma, the most authentic practices that override all man-made religions established throughout human history.

Most of the translations and interpretations of the RigVeda popular today, are unfortunately, the ones propounded by the biased western society, who do not care for the values ingrained in the systems of the RigVeda. Their opinions originate from their very own imperialist, materialistic and Christian missionary biases. They tend to look down upon Eastern philosophy and even go to the extent of blaming the rich and deep spiritual traditions of Sanatana Dharma which includes Buddhism. These western writers are wholly unappreciative of spiritual life in general and exhibit personal vengeance against yoga and spiritual practice of any kind. Their psychological as well as sociological concepts are archaic or biased by more recent standards, which in many ways could be categorized as wholly non-scientific. The ideas reflected by the many writers of the west are colored with racial tones, with simplistic political ideas like wars between light and dark skinned people in order to explain the higher concepts relating to the Vedic clash between Falsehood and Truth. These Western commentators of the RigVeda do not talk about Yoga, since they are largely unaware of the system, because they do not have access to the concept which is mysterious, which can only be unraveled , provided the reader has the backing of a great deal of spiritual practice in line with Sanatana Dharma.

The RigVeda is a document that revels in the Highest Truth and no casual reader or commentator can be expected to interpret it, by one who no sense of spirituality. To examine a work, one must have the sensitivity to approach it. We should not look up to a chemist to analyze and interpret an exquisite painting. That would be preposterous. If such a person were to interpret the RigVeda, it should be deemed as a sacrilege and nothing short of that.


Therefore it is stupidity and foolery to expect intellectual scholars to interpret the RigVeda who are in no way qualified to understand the mystery of the ancient world which holds within its bosom the secrets of a future world, that which holds within itself the framework of the highest sanity. Western scholars are trying to put a date on the period when the Gods of the Dharma could have probably existed. This is ridiculous. They fail to understand that these Gods, precisely called the Devatas, are beings who have existed, continue to exist and shall exist forever. The only thing is that modern science has not developed instruments or equipment to contact these beings. Another important point is that, these Gods cannot be contacted through a materialistic approach, but can only be contacted through the inner faculty of the human system. Modern science fails to understand this, driven by anarchist notions, that there is probably no such dimension where these Gods proliferate and influence the lives of the people of this planet, which we call Earth. These people fail to realize that there are many dimensions beyond the five senses, which influence the visible world. They fail to understand that the Rigveda is an access mechanism to those planes of existence which comprises of more than 99% of creation. They are unable to comprehend the fact that the visible world is less than 1% of the entire gamut of creation. This is the subject of the RigVeda. This is its mystery.

The RigVeda, is to be understood; that it is a carefully laid out map that connects the visible world to the world of gods. It has mechanisms and spiritual practices, following which, man shall be able to find higher meaning. It is the pure path of Yoga and Tantra, which in current times, remains largely unexplored. Either people are too fearful of walking the path or quite contented to wallow in the muck of the sensual world. What Rigveda demands of the individual is a simple heart and purity of purpose in order to embark on a great journey towards the Ultimate.