Why does life become boring? | How does spirituality help solve life problems?

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We humans take life for granted. When a child is born, it beholds the vast manifestation of the universe around it. As the child starts maturing, it is restricted to a very limited view of the universe. Everything around, the child recognizes, as either belonging to him or to someone else. Duality is ingrained into the living entity’s view and understanding. A living entity is driven by his strong body-mind identification. It is this limitation that creates stumbling blocks within the “existence” process. Life becomes crippled by self-defined systems, which gives one a distorted view of existence.

As one grows up maturing from an infant; to a child; to an adolescent; to youth; to a mature adult; towards old-age, nothing seems to get enriched during the process. Although the human-living entity recognizes the pains and pleasures of ordinary life, one is rarely humbled by the existence process itself. Although one may grow in skills and survival, one is seen to be rarely appreciative of life, as a great process. One, usually “matures” with the complaining attitude. This complaining attitude is what shapes the world around oneself  Although one may not be vocal about it, one’s life and habits reflect this feature of dissatisfaction without missing its mark. Strange isn’t it? Does this mean, that life is a bore? It is a drag. We have everything and yet,  we crib and cringe like no one else’s business. Why is it that man is never satisfied and keeps looking around just as a hyena is on the lookout for carcasses?

The answers are not evident and it is not easy to put a finger on one particular cause. However, for one who pulls back a little and simply looks at his/her life, the answers shall emerge, as clear as broad day-light. Vedic scriptures have the answers to this if at all one is serious enough in getting the answers. The Vedic scriptures are not just any dumb edicts or “laws”. They are also not commandments that one has to follow and “get somewhere”. These are anybody’s experiences at the “core”. It is not limited to cast, culture, creed, or gender. It is simply universal by its very nature. If one were to drop biases and begin to understand the Vedic scriptures with the help of spiritually evolved beings, one would wonder how such a simple Truth was neglected or ignored. Vedic Scriptures do not belong to any culture or race. They belong to the human race and help demystify the living process.


When we go out to the market and buy an appliance, say a home-theater, the first thing that we shall do is to get back home and refer to the user manual. We shall also seek the demonstration of a trained professional who is well versed with the functioning of the appliance. This person is also equipped with the detailing of some functionalities that are written in brief in the user manual. He explains them to us. If, for a simple appliance, there is so much support needed, then is it possible that the extremely complex body-mind-life-mechanism shall be experienced fully without a manual and a life-expert? The Vedic scripture is that manual and the various enlightened beings that grace the earth, either in their physical or ethereal forms are those experts. Life, according to Vedic Scriptures, is meant for graduating to the destination of the Supreme. This body is to be used for the service of the Supreme. The body, mind, and consciousness have to be cleansed so that this higher vision is attained. Sanatana Dharma, the eternal law, is realized under the guidance of Enlightened Masters.

It is important that individuals realize the true purpose of life and graduate to the eternal domain, beyond birth and death. The human body is awarded by the Supreme for this sole purpose. Ambling in various man-created philosophies, just manufacture loads of confusion and engagement that only strengthen the ego, in its various forms. Some forms of ego also manifest as being extremely humble. These are all the tricks that the mind creates. This mind created confusion in lay man’s language is known as a cult. Other than confusion and ignorance, cults have no place in the order of existence. If man were to understand the true purpose of life, he would never waste life thus, which has been earned by him through many endeavors, passing through 8.4 million life forms.