Dakini Facts in Buddhism and Hindu Tantra

Dakini Buddhism

Unknown Dimensions of Life

Life exists and operates at many dimensions.

We can never say that we understand the multifarious dimensions that exist far beyond our perception.

A Jiva or living entity understands and operates within a limited domain of experience.

Some have a larger domain of experience and some are unaware of the infinite dimensionality that abounds the universe.

We undertake life as an outcome of mere physical and psychological experience.

Hence we remain limited to gross experience and cannot fathom deeper.

However, when the body perishes, the individual still does not perish.

Instead, he becomes exposed to a new dimension and a new vista opens up, which that individual cannot comprehend.

This happens because the individual has never tried to ascend the staircase of consciousness.

At the subtle and causal planes many exotic and unfamiliar beings exhort their presence.


Dakini beyond Physical and Psychology

Most of these beings are extremely advanced and forward; both in terms of power and influence.

Dakini happens to be one such being that exists beyond the physical and psychological human conception.

Many Yogis and elevated practitioners of Tantra have devoted their entire life in the pursuit of Dakini Sadhana.

If invoked, beings such as Dakini can open up deeper dimensions of our existence, even during our physical existence in this world.

Mannerisms of Dakini

When we talk about the feminine deity forms within Sanatana Dharma, the pure and divine forms of the feminine energies abound our imagination.

Such forms bless us and take the positions of our eternal mother, contributing to our growth and progress.

On the contrary Dakini qualifies as a dangerous and fierce aspect of the feminine energy forms.

She can be extremely angry and destructive by disposition.

Dakini also consumes blood, flesh and intoxication.

She can destroy the individual whom she detests.

On the other hand if she takes a liking towards a person, she can open the floodgates towards liberation.


Dakini in Buddhism

She can also create a paradise on earth for her favorite devotee.

The Eastern cultures consider the Dakini as the female counterpart of the enlightened energy system.

As a part of the spiritual following, Dakini Shakti has many followers in countries like India, Nepal, Tibet, China and japan, even today.

Tibetan Buddhism believes that unless one accepts Dakini Devi and serves her, none can reach the epitome of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Dakini Sadhana forms the very basis entire basis of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet.

Story of Milarepa

The Enlightened sage of Tibetan Buddhism Milarepa qualified as an Adept in Dakini Sadhana.

 Many people believe that he could ascend to the great heights of the Kailash Mountain, only with the help of Dakini.

Milarepa born, in a renowned family of western Tibet, lost all his wealth to a handful of evil relatives.


He and his widowed mother underwent untold hardships at the hands of his uncle and aunt.

His uncle and aunt treated them like bonded servants as well as hurled abuses at them on a daily basis.

Milarepa’s mother advised him to learn Tantra so that he could seek revenge.

Milarepa sought high class tantric education.

Milarepa spells doom

Unfortunately, he used his incomparable power to put an end to his relatives’ lives.

He thus became instrumental in many of his relative’s deaths.

The Unforgiving Law of Karma became heavily applicable on Milarepa.

Shortly after, he relented for his evil acts of revenge.

He went through a grueling test at the hands of his Guru Marpa, so that he atoned for the many sins he committed out of ignorance.

That was when Milarepa attained Siddhi of Dakini Siddhi, aligning himself to his Guru’s tough conditions.

More about Dakini in Tibetan Buddhism and Japan

2 Types of Dakini that we discussed in earlier posts have some interesting differences.

The one Dakini existing within this universe in physical form, takes an unenlightened position and roams around this universe in deserted or abandoned places.

Usually people talk about the enlightened version of Dakini.

Tibetan Buddhism has authentic mechanisms to invoke the Enlightened Dakini.

Tibetan Buddhism considers Knowledge and Sadhana of Dakini as an indispensable part of their practice.

Japan took to Dakini sadhana around the 9th century.

In Shinghon Buddhism practiced in Japan people conceive Dakini as one who rides a fox as her vehicle.

Shingon Buddhism

In many Japanese folk-lores people consider the fox as a mysterious animal possessing unconventional powers.

They believe that the mysterious fox can take female forms.

The Japanese depicts Dakin as a beautiful half naked woman.

She rides a snow white fox.

Dakini also carries a wish-fulfilling bowl.

Dakini in the Samurai

Japanese Samurais have a special place for Dakini in their cult.

Many of the Samurai kings have performed secret ritualistic sadhana to attain Dakini Siddhi.

They transmit or hand-over these rituals through an oral tradition.

These rituals exist relevant even in modern Japan.

In Japan certain sects invoke Dakini as part of Black magic.

They believe that one can understand the mysteries of Nature on invoking Dakini.

They believe that one can become owners of unparalleled strength through Dakini Sadhana.

Japanese Samurai

Dakini in the Hindu Tradition

In the Hindu Tantric Tradition, corresponding Dakini powers include Yakshini, Sankhini, Sakhini, Lakini, Hakini, among others.

Dakini exists in every human body in a subtle form and consumes skin, flesh, bone, fat, marrow and semen.

Many times people experience the fearful forms or ugly forms of Dakini.

However this has more to do with the defilement of the mind and heart of the experiencer and little to do with the original form of Dakini.

Seeing the Dakini in the cemetery in association with dead people indicates the end of Self-pride in the heart of the person perceiving Dakini.

A person genuinely inquisitive in understanding nature’s secret shall surely help Dakini’s help during his Sadhana journey.

Dakini Tattva Jnana and Ashta Siddhis

In the Shat Chakra Nirupana, A work of Tantra Shastra, one finds mention that if Dakini becomes happy with a Sadhaka.

She can even make the sadhaka immortal and grant him with an imperishable body.

Dakini can infuse Tattva Jnana into the Sadhaka.

She can great one Siddhi out of the 8 Ashta Siddhis.

The Sadhaka can thus attain perfection in atleast one out of the 8 Siddhis.

A Dakini Sadhaka has no reason to fear from Gins and other ghostly forms.

She can grant complete mastery on his senses and give him crystal Clarity and Attention.

Even today, many Buddhists and Hindu tantric practitioners carry out Dakini Sadhana of the highest kind, in the secret caves of the Himalayas.

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