Dakini Shakti Mystery and Power

Dakini Shakti

What is Dakini Shakti?

People know Shakti in various forms, as an expression of Nature or Feminine energy.

Feminine energies are positive as well as negative in Nature.

Nature expresses itself in various forms and handles the affairs of the world.

The whole universe is one such expression of Mother Nature.

Even within the body, these energies exist.

Mother Shakti expresses herself through the Kundalini Shakti, the serpent power harnessed at the base of the Spinal cord.

Dakini Shakti, an expression of her energy, exists in the Muladhara Chakra, or the Root Chakra, the region, below the genitals of the living entity.

This energy essentially consists of the base energies within Nature.

Dakini Shakti usually expresses itself as a Tantric Goddess by the name Dakini.


Fear of Dakini Shakti

Experts invoke Dakini Shakti through certain non-traditional ways, especially through Tantric means.

Without the Dakini Shakti, the Muladhara Chakra is powerless.

People should invoke Dakini, a powerful form of Shakti; with care, otherwise, if they make invocation mistakes, the invoker can die.

In many cultures across India, people worship Dakini Shakti as a basal form of Devi Durga.

People often worship Dakini Shakti during nightfall.

People fear the worshippers of Dakini Shakti.

Avoiding Worshippers of Dakini

If people recognize that someone has undertaken the worship of Dakini Shakti, they avoid the street of the house in which the members worship Dakini.

Owing to the destructive nature of this Shakti, people avoid the association of persons worshipping this form of Devi.

People do not give their sons or daughters as bridegroom or brides to families who undertake Dakini Sadhana.

People offer “Bhog” (Offerings to the deity) to Dakini only much after nightfall.

Some of the destructive capabilities of Dakini Shakti can be triggered by the negative qualities of Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment, Self-Pride, and Envy.

For example, consider A Dakini worshipper feeling envy towards some other person who has been gaining a lot.

Immediately that individual starts losing his wealth or peace of mind, because of the power of the Dakini Shakti practitioner.


Understanding the destructive Power of Dakini

By the time an afflicted person realizes an attack from Dakini, the Shakti shall have already destroyed him.

If by chance, a sadhaka of Dakini offers someone something to eat to another unsuspecting individual, hell may befall the other individual.

If the giver contemplates that some individual is much happier than himself he can cause a lot of harm to the other.

On wishing, the individual’s destruction, the power of Dakini, can kill the unsuspecting victim.

Hence, devotees or Bhaktas should never accept any food from strangers.

People often undertake pilgrimages to holy places.

At those places, many people offer food, saying that it is “Prasadam”.

We can never be sure of the intentions of the different types of people moving around in places of pilgrimage.


Avoid food from Strangers

We should avoid consuming any food, offered for free.

Oftentimes, people take the mood of the devotee, but we can never be sure of such strangers.

People performing different types of Pooja or worship to negative forces such as Dakini create offerings, by infusing their negative intentions in the food articles offered to forces such as Dakini.

Naturally, when someone consumes such food, Dakini shall immediately afflict one with many types of dangers, which can cost one’s life.

Anybody who steals from the house of a Dakini Sadhaka shall meet his end through accidents or food poisoning and no one can save the life of such a person.


Farm Produce of a Dakini Practitioner

Not only that, within a week, even the members of the person stealing material from the house of Dakini Sadhaka shall lose all his family members with a week’s time.

If a Dakini sadhaka with some land, does farming, he need not worry about manure, fertilizers, or watering the seeds.

Automatically Dakini Shakti shall look after the field and ensure a very rich harvest.

In many cases, the Dakini-enabled harvest may come at odd seasons.

Another strange thing about the farmland of Dakini Sadhakas relates to the destruction of the lands adjoining the land of the Dakini Sadhaka.

Even if the owners of the adjoining lands take care of their field, offering fertilizers, manure, and watering, they shall never be able to save their crops.

In the end, the land becomes dry and barren.


A Dakini Sadhaka qualifies as a Rakshasa

The Dakini sadhaka shall have immeasurable wealth. 

Yet Dakini shall destroy the entire race of the practitioner, in the end.

Therefore better not to take up Dakini Sadhana.

One who undertakes Dakini Pooja shall qualify as a rakshasa or demon.

Dakini- Servitor of Chinnamasta Devi

Devatas or divine forces shall not even approach such people who perform Dakini Pooja.


Chinnamasta Devi is one of the 10 Mahavidyas of Devi Shakti.

Dakini powers are servitors of Devi Chinnamasta.

It depends on the sadhaka of how he should use this power.

However owing to the nature of Dakini, people often use Dakini only for destructive purposes, which in the end, shall destroy the Dakini Sadhaka.

The Source of Dakini

The residence of Dakini Shakti is at the burial ground or crematorium.

People know Dakini as the Devi or the presiding deity of the cemetery.

Tantric practitioners often offer the blood of an infant to invoke the most powerful form of Dakini at the burial grounds.

People unleash the Dakini Shakti on their enemies in such a way that the enemy commits suicide.

All syllables emerge from the sound of the two-headed drum of Lord Shiva (the Damru), forming the body of the Dakini Shakti.

All the Sanskrit syllables from “A” to “Aha”, constitute the form of Dakini, in reality.

If one energizes the Muladhara Chakra, Dakini Power within the body shall increase.


In Buddhism, the Buddhist call this Dakini Shakti as Vajravahai.

People believe that during the course of Bhagawan Buddha’s enlightenment, on the night before His enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, Dakini Shakti tested him.

Having passed her test, Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

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