Description of Navadurga and Dasamahavidya

Description of Navadurga and Dashamahavidya of Shakti | Adishakti Story | Hamare Avatar Evam Devi Devta- Part 4

Importance of Goddess Shakti

Shakti has innumerable manifestations.

Being the source of creation, She has infinite names and forms. From time to time she takes incarnations to kill the demons and protect her devotees.

You shall find her glorification in the Devi Bhagavat, Markandeya Purana, and Tantra.

Also, you will find a story where Shri Rama conducts a Devi Puja to conquer the demon-king Ravana. Notably, he had vowed to offer a thousand blue lotuses to the goddess.

In order to test Ram, the Devi hid one blue lotus from the prayer hall.

Yet, to fulfil his vow, Sri Rama, was about to peck his lotus-eyes with an arrow, when Devi appeared before him and stopped him from doing so.

Even in the Mahabharata, at Sri Krishna’s orders Arjuna performed Devi Puja before the start of the Mahabharata war.

Thus, the Vedas, Puranas, Upapuranas and scriptures like the Mahabharata are in praise of Shakti. Mahashakti alone is worshipped in various forms and names.

Today in this blog, we shall give a brief description of the revered Navadurga and Dasha Mahavidya along with their pictures.

Description of Navadurga

Nava Durga Names

1) Shailaputri

She wears a crescent moon on her hair and has two arms. Seated on a bull, she holds a trident in one hand while her other hand shows the Abhayamudra. Shailaputri Devi has a fair complexion.

2) Brahmacharini

She has two arms holding a string of beads (Mala) and a Kamandulu. She is fair complexioned.

3) Chandraghanta

She rides a tiger. Her 10 arms display a Trishul, sword, bow, arrow, Ascetic pot (Kamandalu), beads, lotus, one hand of which is in the Abhaya Mudra, while the other hand gives blessings to her devotees. She wears red robes and has a fair complexion.

4) Kushmanda

Rides a tiger and has 8 arms holding a disk, club, beads, ascetic vessel (Kalash), lotus, arrow, bow and Kamandulu. Kushmanda devi is fair and she wears a pink saree.

5) Skandamata

Rides a lion and has 4 arms. She holds a lotus in both her hands. Swami Kartikeya with his six heads sits on her lap. She has a fair complexion.

6) Katyayni

She mounts on a lion and has 4 arms. One hand gives blessings while the other shows the Abhaya Mudra. The two hands however hold a lotus and a sword. Mother Katyayni wears pink robes and is fair in complexion.

7) Kalaratri

With Loose-opened hair, she mounts a donkey, wears a garland of skulls and is dark in complexion. She has 4 arms. Two hands hold a sword and skull while the other two display the Vara and Abhaya mudra. The goddess has three eyes.

8) Mahagauri

She mounts a white bull and wears white robes being extremely fair in complexion. She has 4 arms holding a Trishul, Damru, two of which display the Vara and Abhaya mudra.

9) Siddhidatri

Wearing red robes, she is seated on a lotus. She holds a conch, disk, club and lotus in her 4 hands. The siddhas, gandharvas, yakshas, munis, devatas and humans are her devotees.

Description of 10 Mahavidyas

1) Kali

Standing on a corpse, a moon rests on her head. Mother Kali has three eyes and wears a garland of heads. Her hair is free-open. She holds a sword and a head. One hand blesses while the other is in the Abhaya mudra. Her tongue is outside.

Mahakala is her husband. Her timing falls between midnight to sunrise.

2) Tara

Mounted on a corpse, she has three eyes. Her hair is left-open. Tara wears deer skin, and has a moon on her head. Wearing a garland of heads, she holds a sword, cutter, blue lotus, and a begging bowl in her 4 hands.

Her husband is Akshobhya Bhairav.

Tara’s time starts from the morning.

3) Shodashi

She glows like the pleasant rays of the sun. She has three eyes. In her 4 arms, she holds a noose, goad, bow and arrow. Furthermore, Shodashi Devi sits on a lotus in the Padmasana posture.

Her husband is the 5-headed Shiva.

4) Bhuvaneshvari

Her complexion is like that of the rising sun. She wears a moon on her hair. She has a sturdy torso, three eyes and a smiling face. One hand showers blessings while the other displays the Abhaya mudra. She holds a noose and goad in her hands.

Her husband is Triambak.

5) Chinnamasta

She has a fair complexion. Being nude, she wears a garland of heads. In her left hand, she holds her own head, while in the right hand she holds a sword. Chinnamasta Devi looks extremely fearsome and she drinks blood.

Kabandha Shiva is her husband.

6) Tripura Bhairavi

Her complexion glimmers like that of a thousand suns. She wears red-colored clothes and a garland of heads. Her mouth is smeared with blood. Her 4 arms display a mala, a book, Vara Mudra and Abhaya Mudra .

She has three eyes. Wearing a crescent moon on her head, Tripura Bhairavi sits on a lotus.

Her husband is Kalabhairava.

7) Dhumavati

Being white complexioned, she is restless like smoke. She wears white dusty clothes and has a long body. Dhumavati Devi is devoid of jewelry. Her hair is left loose-open and her face looks gloomy and sad.

She is mounted on a chariot with a crow symbol and holds a winnowing platter.

The goddess has hanging breasts, two arms, one showing the Tarjana mudra.

She is a widow.

8) Bagala

 She sits on a jeweled-alter amidst the ocean of nectar. On her molten gold, wears yellow robes and is decked with ornaments. She has two arms, one holding a club while the other pulls the tongue of the enemy.

Her husband is one-headed Maharudra.

9) Matangi

Dark in complexion, she wears a crescent moon as the head-stud.

She has three eyes and sits on a jeweled seat. Her 4 arms display a sword, shield, noose and a goad.

Her husband is Matang Shiva.

10) Kamala

She has a golden glow on her face. She sits on a lotus seat, holding a lotus in two hands, while the other two hands give blessings and protect her devotees.

4 elephants carrying golden pitchers are giving her a bath with nectar.

Her husband is Sada Shiva.

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