What is the Cause of Suffering? | Desires of Modern Society


“Desire is the cause for suffering”. This is the famous quote of the Buddha which defines the fundamentals of the life-process in a nutshell. Seekers, follow this path and get to the Truth which is the very core of life. When desires are cut down, the mess caused by the thought-process also gets sorted out. When thoughts diminish, there is clarity, there emerges vision; there emerges right perspective. Unless perspective and perception is enhanced, man is bound to swim and waggle  in the filthy puddle of consumeristic living.

Modern society, seems to be galloping in a different direction altogether. The base work of leading a prolific life has already been done by spiritual stalwarts like The Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and so many more. Yet, man does not bother to look in their direction. He is happy to lead a consumeristic lifestyle and prefers to wallow in the shallow waters of greed and grief. When thoughts are full and there is no space in the mental realm, only filth regurgitates, thereby poisoning thought, word and deed in almost all levels of one’s consciousness. The ideals that have been set by enlightened ones are generally not looked into, when one is hijacked by unholy intentions and desires. This has created a mighty rift in the very fabric of society. Many people, may find these statements relevant and yet are not able to decide the starting point from where transformation becomes possible, atleast at a personal level.

When desires mount, wants become a need. There is no end to this need. What was a luxury yesterday, has become a pressing need today. As the wise say, it is better to make a small start. We get influenced by our surrounding, by the media and by the many avenues that modern digitization has made possible. We are hounded by a barrage of influences. Man is driven by the outside; his inner being, is unable to cope with this bombardment.

Naturally he is weak and cannot take decisions to support a lifestyle that is for his ultimate good. Naturally there is a steady deterioration in his value system, given that the world outside is purely driven by the unnecessary evil of profit and ambition. Under such circumstances, it is vital to come to terms with what is happening with oneself, as a starting point.

When man, is being influenced by the outside, his self-will starts decaying. His purity gets challenged. His life energies get vitiated. If someone were to get to this point atleast, reversal is a big possibility. What is important, is to be able to cut oneself off from the external, once in a while and observe one’s happiness quotient. People often take vacations and immerse themselves in sense-enjoyment, on an outing to some place. It should be understood that these vacations are also a perpetration, an infiltration by advertisers, who woe us; get us to burn a great part of our hard earnings. Such vacations end up being an escape throttle, something like a drug, that helps one experience euphoria for a wee period. Once we get back to the routine of daily work, we are back into drudgery, feeling more depressed. This, one has to realize, through self-evaluation. There is no other way.

When we separate ourselves from matter once a while, slowly the desires start getting curtailed. Today, we watch television or surf the net , as if it were a compulsive aspect of life. This has to be curtailed. If we keep certain days, whereby we do not surf the net or watch television, we will be on our way towards curtailing unnecessary spending. When we are off the net and television, we are protecting ourselves from ad-bombardment, to reveal the least, on which we unconsciously act and make unnecessary purchases. If instead, we take a night-walk or meditate and intersperse that, into our daily routine, there shall be phenomenal curtailing of our wants. We need to follow no other action-plan to get this going. When we keep ourselves off the digital equipment which includes our mobile phones and hand-held devices, we shall slowly return to our natural state. The more we adopt these healthy practices, the more, our inner faculties get awakened, which is currently drugged into sedation by the digital artillery that has held  us captive.