Shakti Energy Awakening in Hinduism

what is shakti in hinduism

What is Shakti?

In the Shakta school of Sanatana Dharma, the primal energy, the moving principle of the great Atman gained importance and great significance.

The revelation of the Shakti Force as a moving principle of Atman was first by the Shaktas.

The energy or Shakti is inconceivable but something which operates the world.

This is the force that makes time, place and circumstance happen, operate and move.

It is the same force that makes body organs functions and makes the heart beat and makes blood flow.

Even when one sits down and wonders, it is the same energy that makes the thought move and sends the mind reeling.

It is Shakti alone that inspires one, makes people take actions.

It is Shakti alone that comes down to us as results of actions, which She, Shakti, Herself performs.

All that is set to motion is the Power of Shakti.

Fire in the belly is Shakti and that which digests the food is Shakti.

Nothing other than Shakti makes the world go round.

Shakti Devi: The Female Energy of God

That Shakti is Devi, the Female aspect of the Supreme Lord.

She is the one who is behind the force of the five elements and hence She is called “Bhuteswari” (भूतेश्वरी), the Goddess of Elements.

In Sanskrit, “Bhut” (भूत) also means the past.

Our thoughts, memories and emotions, based on the Past, form the quality of our material life.

Hence Devi represents the life-energy that is born out of the Past.

The Mind is that which operates out of the past.

It is that which remembers and operates out of the impressions.

The Mind is Maya, of that which is not in the present.

Hence the mind or Maya is the direct representation of Devi Shakti (देवी शक्ती).

Aligning the Bodily Energies


These forces that operate the mind and body is Devi “Energy”.

This power unless harnessed and directed shall not yield results.

If these energies go irate or, it shall go to make life constricted or even disturb the flow of normal life.

Just as, electricity passing through a naked wire, exposed to the environment, is dangerous.

It is possible that it may come in contact with dirty water or someone may touch the wire accidently, creating havoc and accidents.

Similarly if we do not regulate the mind-energy and the forces of life, it shall lead one towards one’s own destruction.

If Truth is not used as an insulation for the Shakti energy, one shall fall in trap of the Mayic energies.

Instead of progressing, one shall tread on a track of unending regression.

Hence it is required that a true seeker, should become a sadhaka (साधक), spiritual practitioner.

If one does so, one successfully regulates the life force and powers.

Also, you become capable of harnessing it for higher use.

The Yogi or the sadhaka is one who wears the armor of Truth and straight-forwardness.

A true sadhaka purifies the energy channels in and around him through mantra japa or meditation.

When the sadhaka establishes himself with sincerity of purpose, Nature protect him/her.

Nature always protects and insulates the follower of Truth.

Although there may be challenges and tests, a true sadhaka perceives them as a screening test or preparation ground for him to wield Shakti.

The Yogi goes on cultivating, developing and wisely conserving this force.

The Yogi restricts tendencies to gossip and thus unnecessarily squander energy.

He treats Shakti just like a wealthy person treats currency.

Benefits of the Shakti Force

With great skill, the practitioner of Yoga channelizes this force for creative, gainful and constructive attainment.

Devi Shakti slowly guides the Yogi to focus on actions that are liberating.

Through the grace of Devi, one starts working towards his own welfare as well as for the welfare of the world.

First, he cleans his mind through sadhana and through his spiritual experience he enlightens the world.

Thus all activities taken up by the Yogi will help him steadfast in his practice and he starts ascending in the rungs of spiritual sadhana.

Devi Shakti becomes a telling force and the Yogi’s protector.


There shall be no evil that falls on the Yogi at any point in time, if sadhana becomes the way of the practitioner.

It is that force that is the pranashakti (प्राणशक्ति) or the life-force within you.

It is that force that is the Kundalini Shakti (कुंडलिनी) within you.

When the wielder of Shakti chants the holy name, all his bodily and mind faculties become pure and effective.

It is that force that gives you physical, mental, intellectual, ethical, moral and spiritual enlightenment.

When we offer prayers, it is this force that enlivens it and gives it a certain spiritual dynamism.

Shakti as Gayatri Devi

Devi Gayatri (देवी गायत्री) is this force; every Name, every mantra is this force.

The dynamism of this entire physical universe, the entire creation, the phenomenon, and oneself included in it, as part of it, is the play of Devi Shakti.

Devi Shakti is the personified aspect of All Power.

One has to be aware of sanctity of all things, all forces shall develop within him a humble and reverential attitude.

This one must develop within oneself if one is to wield Shakti Devi within himself.

Sexual Thoughts and Effect on Shakti Energy

One should not waste the Devi Shakti by thinking or imagining sexual content or by indulging in immoral acts.

Mentally, whiling away of this energy is perhaps the most devastative mechanisms of loss of this energy from mind and body.

If one were to titillate the mind and senses with immoral acts of imagination, all efforts will stand nullified in a matter of minutes.

That, which took years to build shall dissipate within no time.

A great amount of time and energy has to be then re-invested to come back once again to the same position.

It is to be understood that Devi Shakti changes Her form and allures the practitioner time and again.

Some Yogis tend to fall prey to Her aphrodisiac tests more often than not.

Therefore it is important that one takes up devotional service to the Lord as a primary practice.

When we undertake devotion to the Lord, Devi shall approach the practitioner in a caring motherly mood and protects his energy.

Because, the mood with which the devotee is invoking the Devi is surrender.

In such a case, she comes in the form of a caring, protective and a loving mother.

However, if we tend to own or use Devi Shakti, she shall exploit the powers of the human body.

She shall rob us of all our mental peace and harmony.

Hence, siddhis to use Devi Shakti should be totally avoided.

An iota of misusing the Shakti power, can cause the Devi to reclaim the energy by inducing the practitioner into immoral acts.

Life shall become a living hell.

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