Devotee Personality Quotient

Devotee Personality Quotient

This Test is a fun way to understand your Devotee Personality Quotient. Devotee Personality Quotient is a value between 0 and 1 and will depend on the output of this test. There are 30 questions and you will have to take all the 30 questions without skipping them. Still, you can attempt the Quiz and Get Results.

1 ) What describes your equation with God?





2 ) What if God tests you often





3 ) What do you feel is important when you do Bhakti?





4 ) Will you talk about God to everyone?





5 ) Do you feel Devotion to God is required?





6 ) What is important according to You, Values or Lifestyle?





7 ) Do you find Scriptures Interesting?





8 ) What is your advice to non-devotees?





9 ) What if another so-called devotee cheats you?





10 ) What explains true devotion?





11 ) What moves you in others?





12 ) What irritates you?





13 ) What is success according to You?





14 ) Do you believe in Free Will?





15 ) Do you believe that Fate governs your life?





16 ) Is Truth Important or Bhakti?





17 ) Do you like to play outdoor games?





18 ) Do you get angry with God?





19 ) Do you believe Bhakti can be developed by everyone?





20 ) Is Bhakti Superior or Jnana?





21 ) Can devotion get us everything?





22 ) What will you not do as a devotee?





23 ) What can be your greatest Loss?





24 ) What is your greatest gain?





25 ) What is service according to you?





26 ) How do you recognize a devotee?





27 ) Do you trust people easily?





28 ) Do you get pained by the ways of the world?





29 ) How do you keep yourself busy?





30 ) Do you think God created suffering?





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