Foreign Devotees of Lord Krishna

Devotees of Lord Krishna

Devotees of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is such an accepting lord.

He doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste, creed and race.

He equally loves all His devotees.

Today I am sharing 2 real-life stories of how Lord Krishna showers His grace on- an English man and a Muslim.

Indeed, these stories shall bring tears to your eyes.

1) Story of Ronald Henry Nixon

Ronald Henry Nixon

Known in India as ‘Krishna Prema”. At the age of 18, Ronald participated in the world-war 1.

Somehow, He miraculously survived the fatal attacks.

On seeing the large-scale violence in the war, Ronald lost his peace of mind.

In spite of undergoing treatment, he couldn’t recover from his trauma.

Subsequently, he studied in the Cambridge University.

There, he got to know about Sanatana Dharma.

Influenced by the dharma, he headed towards India to pursue spirituality.

By Lord Krishna’s inspiration, Ronald finally resided in Vraja (Lord Krishna’s birth land).

His love towards Sri Krishna kept on increasing.

He considered Lord Krishna to be his own younger brother.

One day he prepared some pudding for Bhog and dropped a curtain for the lord to partake his meal.

After a while, when he lifted the curtain, he was shocked to see tiny finger marks on the cake.

On seeing this sight, tears rolled down his cheeks.

Such a miracle had never happened before.

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Ronald leaves his body

During winters, it was Ronald’s routine to first put the lord to sleep and then cover Him with a blanket. Finally, Ronald would rest outside his hermitage.

Once, Ronald was resting outside the temple.

Suddenly, at the dead hour of midnight, he heard the calls of “Ho Dada! Ho Dada!”.

On hearing such a piteous call, Ronald rose up.

But to his surprise, he didn’t spot anybody.

Probably, he could be hallucinating. However, once again, he heard the same call.

Then Ronald went inside the shrine. He saw that today he had forgotten to cover the Lord with a blanket. To persuade his loved deity, Ronald, went and sat near Krishna. Then he lovingly asked the lord “Do you also feel cold?

Ronald’s words instilled deep emotions in Thakurji. Tears began to pour from Thakurji’s eyes.

Seeing his younger brother (Lord) cry thus, Ronald began to sob bitterly.

That night, that English devotee cried so bitterly that his soul left his mortal body and merged into Shri Krishna.

Story of Taj Khan

This incident is from Karoli nagar of Rajasthan. Rajasthan’s Karoli nagar is noted for its ancient Madan Mohan temple.

Lord Krishna resides there as Madan Mohan ji.

Lord Madan Mohan is known for His exquisite beauty and charm.

The residents of the town worship Madan Mohan with great love and reverence.

In that very town, Taj Khan worked as a clerk in the branch office.

Once, due to some official work, he was sent to the Madan Mohan temple to convey a message to the temple Goswami.

Standing at the entrance itself, Taj Khan began to call for the Pujari.

As were the customs those days, non-hindus weren’t permitted to step into the temple.

Lord Krishna traps Taj Khan in his love-affair

Suddenly, Taj Khan’s glance fell upon the deity.

Looking at Lord Krishna’s charming face, Taj Khan lost all track of time.

With the entrance of the Goswami, Taj Khan suddenly broke out of his meditative trance.

After delivering the told message, Taj Khan departed.

However, Lord Krishna’s charming countenance had laid an unbreakable spell on Him.

Being a Muslim, he was afraid to go near the temple.

From the exit door itself, he would keep glancing at Madan Mohan.

When Goswamiji suspected Taj Khan’s intentions, he strictly denied his entry.

Still, Taj Khan couldn’t curb his desire of seeing Madan Mohan.

So once again he landed up in the temple.

Tired of Taj Khan’s repeated attempts, a temple authority humiliated him and brashly pushed him out of the temple.

This gesture left a deep impression on Taj Khan’s mind.

He stopped all food and drink.

Thinking of Madan Mohan all day, he would weep bitterly.

Lord Krishna relieves Taj Khan’s misery

The Lord’s heart melted on seeing His devotee’s eagerness.

When His devotee was shedding tears of separation how could the Lord stop himself.

As per the rules of the temple, the pujaris place a plate of Prasad in front of the deity after the evening arati.

Then they lock the temple door.

At night when the temple doors were shut, the Lord assumed the form of a temple worker.

He picked up the plate of Prasad and sped to His devotee Taj Khan’s residence.

The Lord in disguise told Taj Khan-

“Goswamiji has specially sent this plate of Prasad for you.

Please partake the Prasad and – without fail you must attend the temple next morning with the plate.”

Taj Khan couldn’t believe his ears.

How could Goswamiji say this?

Still Taj Khan thanked the lord (in disguise) and sat down happily to partake the meal.

Then, the lord left the place.

Meanwhile, Madan Mohan appeared in Goswamiji’s dream and strictly told him-

“Today I have given my plate of Prasad to Taj Khan.

Tomorrow when he comes with the plate of Prasad, don’t block his way.”

When Goswamiji woke up the next morning he was amazed to see the plate missing.

Goswamiji ran to the king and narrated the entire episode.

The king along with Goswamiji reached the temple.

On Seeing Taj Khan return with the plate of Prasad, all were dumbfounded.

The king stepped forth and graciously hugged Taj Khan.

All the devotees then sang the praises of the great Krishna devotee Taj Khan.

Even today the people of Karoli remember Bhakta ‘Taj Khan’ during the Sandhya Arati-

Taj Bhakta Muslim Pe Prabhu Tum Daya Kari,
Bhojan Le Ghar Pahunche Deen Dayal Hari

Thanks for reading!