Don’t get Attached to Material things | Attachment to Old Things

Dont Get Attached To Material Things

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The Old watch in the attic

Many people tend to stick with old things. They retain things that they have bought many years ago. For example you have an old watch, maybe it is 10 years old and now it does not function. It finds its way into the attic. Sometimes one may look for something of sudden importance in the attic. One chances to see this old watch. But then one may think “Someday I shall get this watch repaired and use it.” So saying one drops it back into the junk lying in the attic. What does all this have to do with life, let us examine

Are Old things good?

Most times as years go by, we end up collecting things and ideas. Suppose a man is 20 years old. He develops a liking for collecting cooling glasses. He may be doing a small job. He is enamored by glasses and saves a little money every month to spend on buying glasses from the latest collections available in the market. After having purchased the glasses, he wears them and feels happy that he took the right decision. Some months roll by and then he is fascinated by a new set of glasses that he has seen in an advertisement. He starts losing interest in the current pair of glasses. He does not have sufficient cash, but meanwhile the new glasses that he saw in the advertisement has caught his fascination and so the old glasses are cast aside even before the new ones are purchased. The old glasses lie scattered here and there and somehow in a month’s time find its way into the attic. This is the story with electronic torches, our old music system and hundreds of such things. If I am richer and have many apartments then the story gets worse. I have old furniture in my new apartment. I do not have the heart to part with it and the furniture is dumped into another of my apartments that has become old and usually lies locked. Now I have an old apartment scattered with old worn out massive things like cots, termite eaten tables and furniture which are being eaten by termites in instalments. I retain them because I have not developed the heart to give them away. I have projected a future use for all these things, which one is certain, shall never come. This is the same story with clothes, knickers, pens, refills and old things that essentially represent matter. In this article, you may find this description funny. Tell me with certainty and confidence that you do not do it!

What do old things represent?

Let us now analyze what this mentality of hoarding old things represents. It does represent something inside of us, sure it does. When we are not ready to part with things, it represents our stickiness, our inability to let go, our inability to disassociate with matter that have lost not only their utility but also their existence in our life. If we are still retaining them in our attics or in the clutter of our houses, trust me you are living with corpses, corpses of our old thought patterns, our deficiencies, our fixations, dead ideologies and a whole lot of “dead” stuff. What happens when you live in your apartment with an unattended corpse for years together? It will stink, but now you have also become immune to the stench of old things and this has become a disease that will consume all that is progressive within you. Old things represent old consciousness, dead thought and dead ideologies. We talk a lot about ageing and want to find out methodologies to avoid or postpone ageing. But what are we doing with our consciousness. We are not letting old consciousness, old memories go. What is the old lady doing by sticking to the old photographs of her once young, but dead husband? Surely she is embracing a fearful corpse that is eating her from the inside. She is failing to realize something of common sense. Well most of us have lost this basic common sense that old things verily represent our own dead cells and dead selves. But we rejoice holding on to them. This, one should understand that it is detrimental to one’s own inner growth and for the flow of pure consciousness within one’s life.

Result of holding on to dead things

We tend to hold on to things, given that we feel secure holding on to familiar things. We develop deep unconscious connections with dead matter and feel somewhere that these objects of the world are one’s own extension. We may not accept this statement on face value but this is the Truth which is evident through such clumsy behavior. Our attitude of not letting go of material things in the first place, would have seeped into many of the most important aspects of life. It reflects on our purpose of Life, our relationships, our ideologies and idiosyncrasies, our inability to adapt to change, our tendency to revolt against things and resist change, our holding on to dead culture which may represent non-progressive tendencies within us. All these attachments that reflect our psychological environment tend to drive us neurotic as we get older. It is not to say that we should not stick to principles. Principles of Dharma such as Truth, forbearance, standing with what is right, our fearlessness to oppose those things inappropriate for our inner growth, all these tendencies are born out of the freshness of the ever expanding consciousness that reverberates within us. Our value systems as propounded in Sanatana Dharma has never changed and can never change. Rather than holding on to principles, it is important to realize these values through regulated spiritual practice. Let us not be dogmatic. Dogmatism is definitely born out of the dead, it is born out of memory which old things leave behind. It is like certain fruits, after having being held in the hands for a long time, leave a dark mark long after they have been thrown away. There is a need to wash our hands. Similarly old consciousness has to be cast away and one has to inundate one’s consciousness with the newer things or “materials” that time is throwing at us, without developing a tendency to cling to it, because soon they are going to get older. The need of the hour is to move on with things and use them. It is dangerous and regressive to hold on to things and get used by them instead. Only when we get rid of old things can old consciousness find space to relieve us from its grip.

Old things for selling

Old furniture is better to be given away at “zero price”. It is important to understand that our surroundings represent our consciousness, our extended consciousness. What we have is an extension of our inner self. It is a good idea to circulate what we have at regular intervals. Let old things go by, for no cost. When we charge for older things, we retain a residue of that old consciousness through that price which we have tagged on that material. You may prefer to charge a small sum for a TV that once costed $200, to be given away after say 4 years when it has too many repairs, say, being given away at $20, that is okay. But if you have the will, then just give away old stuff free of a price tag. New consciousness shall fill your heart and your apartment with tremendous renewed energy. I speak out of personal experience. It is also a good idea to move out clutter. Never allow clutter to accumulate in your house. Move them out recklessly, with vigor. Having an attitude to clean your house and give away old things every six months can be a fabulous idea. I have personally drawn huge benefits in doing so. I have seen that my stickiness to both people and things are gone. If something is there it is alright and if it is not there, just purchase it without whining thus “Ah, why did I give away that thing, I could have used it now !”. I have also seen that as you allow things to flow out of your house at regular intervals, even money starts flowing well. There is no stagnation. This may sound outlandish but the fact is that, the medical expenses in the house will also dramatically come down when you do not let things to stagnate in your life and rightly so.

Connection between health and old stuff

Old stuff represents old consciousness and dead aspects of the family members in the house, as I said earlier. Now if you hold on to such things for a long time, it is like keeping a wounded, broken leg without bothering about it. This can cause gangrene to occur that can finish you off because you ignored it. Our house is our extended body. This is certain. So, if you allow old things to move out and have empty spaces in your house, there shall be a definite flow of positive energy throughout the house. This energy also has a healing effect on the members of the family. Naturally health will ensue.

The more you give away, the healthier and happier you become. Flow of positive energy only happens if we allow old energy, old stuff and “old” money to flow out. As ever, Charity begins at home. These are tried and tested facts that have been discussed. Gaining, after all  is just another name for giving away.