The 4 levels of Existence and the need of Spiritual Discipline | Drain of Personal Power


No human being can stay without doing anything. For example while being alive or being infused with the capacity to live, a human being cannot be stone like. There shall be indications of life when a person is “alive”. His heart shall beat and his eyes shall blink. There will be thousand of processes that shall abound as the being continues to live. The animating aspect of the human being is the first level of power that alludes to the life force that animates the being.

At the secondary level, there shall be the need to eat, sleep, mate and defend. This will be the survival instincts of the individual. This aspect within the being will motivate him, to earn his living, rear a family, educate himself and so on. Here the being is equipped with an inner power of sanction, abiding which the being fights for his survival. The power of sanction is the unwritten law of one’s decency and also an attribution to the laws of the state that prohibits one to steal, to engage in activities that are nefarious or considered toxic. These are fundamental rules that restrict one to cross the boundaries of morality while one is executing one’s right to survive.

At the third level, once the survival needs are met, the human being, decides to go a little higher and tries to satisfy his mental and emotional needs. He tries to satisfy his desires of owning a good house, arranging higher amenities for his relaxation and enjoyment. He tries to raise the bar of his ambitions and engages in activities that are a shade beyond mere survival. A person looks for a better job or engages in business. He tries to acquire more property and tries to own more assets to further the materialistic quality of his life.

At the fourth level, the being tries to gain control over other lives, he wields immense power and authority, depending on what he wills to influence. This is the status of a being who wants to influence the materialistic, gross plane of existence, where position and possession are used as subjective control attributes. This stage perhaps heralds the being’s return to the animal kingdom, in terms of his deliberations, a return to the jungle rule.

As a variation of the fourth level of existence, there are certain beings who take to the spiritual path; their approach is antipodal to those who try to wield power and control. Here, the being relinquishes all need for power and gravitates to the spiritual realm. Principles of Truth, Surrender and Devotional Service towards a Higher System takes precedence. This is perhaps the supreme form of human expression, a journey towards the Divine.

In the sections defined above, levels 3 and 4, corresponding to the materialistic way of life, there is a definite corrosion, when principles of Truth are transgressed. When lust, avarice, selfishness, condescension, illusion or attachment and envy take precedence, the higher energy that enables power, is arrested. Karma plays a great part in terms of the living entity’s greed for enjoying power. If a living entity has some good Karma from the past, of has performed pious activities in this incarnation or in prior lifetimes, it is possible that he may able to wield power for a certain period whereby Karma allows him to do so. Otherwise, his evil tendencies eat into the repository of energy that transfers power. Too much of indulgence in lower animistic tendencies corrodes personal power dramatically. On the other hand, under all circumstances, if the living entity enters into the fourth level of spiritualistic living, some higher form of personal power is conserved and it continues to grow dramatically with passage of time, opening up for him, the passage that leads him to the domain of the infinite.