Why do people suffer in life? What is the law of Karma?


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Suffering is an aspect of Karma. Happiness is an aspect of Karma. Most of the life events and circumstances are dictated by Karma alone. If that were so, are we to take this position, that nothing can be done about life,and that life shall mutely follow the calculations of Karma? This seems to be a logical argument. Acceptance of Karma, then becomes fatalistic altogether. All said, we see that there is lot of action happening in the world. Karma, also means action. Most actions follow the wheel of Karma, the wheel of cause and effect. Like a huge tsunami, events of the world unfurl and people are flown  or floored by circumstances, just as  gusty wind blows away a pack of cards. Everything seems to take a chaotic route.. Events are categorized as appropriate/inappropriate, good/evil, right/wrong and so on, the way circumstances emerge. Where do individuals fit in, if Karma were so powerful.

It is to be understood that although Karma is powerful, there is something unilateral in the Karmic flow. There are some aspects of free-will, which can nevertheless influence Karma. This is where consciousness, has a role to play. On that side of Karma, there is opportunity of rearranging the blocks of the Karmic structure. It is an invitation to understand this aspect of life, which can help one, work one’s way through the apparent irreversibility of Karma. Man, is usually driven by his desires and disposition and hence blind to the possibilities of ending suffering and attaining happiness. All this said, only time shall reveal the opportunities to the person who wishes to escape the tightening noose of Karma. It becomes important to understand, what it takes to escape the wheel of Karma. Although, Karma cannot be escaped in the literal sense, a lot can be done to transform Karma into a fruitful aspect of life. Such a transformation is only possible, if one develops the vision to view life-events in a larger, wholesome perspective.


When the vision changes, Karma shall present itself as an opportunity of growth and possibility. When one learns to accept things as they are, without trying to over-analyze the events of one’s life, a deeper vision develops. It is to be understood that Karma, is a unresolved doing of the past, which finds expression in some person, thing or event into  the future, wanting to resolve itself. This resolution does not hold any person in special esteem. The way Karma gushes forth is universal. It has certain laws, that it follows. Santana Dharma delineates how Karma flows with immaculate precision. If one becomes capable of the workings of Karma, one can easily mend one’s thoughts, words and deeds, so that Karma gets neutralized. Good always begets good and evil begets evil. All this, religion construes with much promise. What becomes difficult to comprehend is the time, when actions come to such fruition.

One may see that an evil man, enjoys his life and proliferates in his criminal ways. Nature seems to offer no punishment to him. On the other hand, a good man seems to suffer heavily without any rhyme or reason. In one’s entire life, one is seen to be attached to Truth and Goodness and yet one suffers inconsolably. Why? The answers to these questions lie deep inside the sphere of the Karmic mesh. When one pursues the teachings of the Vedic scriptures, long enough, without doubting it, with total commitment, the answers to the deepest questions on Karma get revealed, on their own. There shall not remain, an iota of doubt. Karma is subjective in nature although it is talked about objectively by many knowers of Truth.By no means is Karma objective, but it also helps to objectify Karma, for people who want to understand Sanatana Dharma, Karma being a good starting point into the world of spirituality. The great rules of Karma become evident, only as one takes up sadhana or spiritual practice. Karma, it is to be understood, cannot have simple explanations, although, for a “seer” the law of Karma is as clear as the back of one’s palm.

Law of Karma, undeniably, is that which runs the world. For a worshiper of Truth, Karma opens up its deep secrets just as the cheating wife reveals the dirty arcane to her spouse, when caught red handed. Karma, cannot be studied or understood intellectually, just as the ocean cannot be contained in a tumbler. Karma is an undeniable law, which operates as the confidante of Maya, the cosmic illusion. If, Maya is curtailed and confined, through spiritual practice, Karma shall follow one, just as, the servant follows his master.