Gita’s Equanimity and Socialistic Order

Gita's Equanimity and Socialistic Order

Transcending Likes and Dislikes

The Gita’s goals direct man towards the state of equanimity or to attain non-bias.

Man progresses only when he transcends likes and dislikes.

If one attains the realization of the Supreme one can understand it through a few symptoms.

Equanimity through the 3 paths of Yoga

One should observe whether the individual is equanimous under all situations or conditions of life.

No amount of spiritual experience can vouch for God-realization.

Yet the attainment of equanimity does qualify the God-realized state of the individual.

In all the paths of Yoga namely Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti, attainment of equanimity is the underlying tenet. 

Equanimity becomes a distinguishing mark of those who have realized.

They may have done it through any or combination of the three paths namely Bhakti, Jnana, or Karma.


Self-centred Individuals cannot attain Equanimity

A person divorced from equanimity becomes naturally deficient.

Such an individual cannot rise towards Self-realization or God-Realization.  

A person balanced in joy and sorrow is equanimous.

One should preserve the balance of mind,.

Emotions should be tempered, making them incapable of swaying man from his ordained duties and responsibilities.

This can happen through applied intelligence, by interacting with elevated beings and looking at life holistically.

One should first shed one’s minuscule approach of self-centeredness so that he qualifies as a balanced being.

Inner alignment is vital for Bhakti

Even though the emotional path of Devotion to the Lord, one can expect a sadhaka to become equanimous.

Yet there are a lot of principles to adhere to for one to qualify for Bhakti.

As a crooked man, one never passes as a Bhakta or devotee.

A devotee, who expects the Lord to do all his work for him, is not equanimous.

Such a devotee is not a non-devotee in reality.

In the name of devotion, the so-called practitioner becomes unreasonable in his demands.

Thus one should guard oneself as one follows the path of Yoga.

Adhering to Yamas and Niyamas are a vital step and are a prelude to any form of Yoga.


Equanimity in the Verses from the Gita

Following are the excerpts from the Gita.

Here, equanimity becomes a non-debatable aspect of one’s life.

This concept becomes necessarily important when a person is seeking perfection in the course of one’s lifetime.

Even-mindedness in general (Chapter 6, verse 9)

“He who looks upon well-wishers and neutrals, as well as mediators, friends, foes, relatives, objects of hatred, virtuous and sinful with the same eye, stands supreme.”

Even-minded towards men and animals (Chapter 5, verse 18)

“The wise look with the same eye on a Brahmin endowed with learning and culture, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a fallen one”

Even-mindedness towards all beings (Chapter 6 Verse 32)

“Arjuna, he who looks on all as one, as his own self, looks upon the joy and sorrow of all with a similar eye.

Such a Yogi reaches life’s highest pinnacle.”

Chapter (12 verse 18)

“He who is alike to friend and foe, as well as to honor and dishonor is dear to Me.

The man who remains balanced in heat and cold, pleasure and pain, and other pairs of opposites is dear to me.

Above all such a man should necessarily be free from all types of attachment.

Such a man is verily dear to Me.”

Equanimity and the pseudo-liberal socialistic world

A yawning gap exists between the equanimity highlighted by the Gita and the doctrine of the so-called equality preached in the socialistic world.

Modern socialism is anti-theistic and pseudo-liberal.

What modern socialism preaches goes against the principles that stand for Truth and Equality.

It aims to uproot the truth-based faith.

It endangers the socialistic system with its concepts against Dharma.

The so-called socialistic system infuses anti-god theories propagated through lies, hypocrisy, and false propaganda.


Socialism is Proliferation of White-Lies

Modern socialism bases itself on the dictum of freeing people from all life principles.

Defining rules against nature and doing whatever one wants, in the name of freedom, is the Socialistic Model.

Directing weak individuals to embrace the other’s selfish narrative becomes a prominent feature of so-called Socialism.

Socialism talks about freeing man from eternal principles that are the rudiments of life.

The goal of such a system is utterly gross and agenda-driven.

Such a system demeans the very source of our existence.

Equanimity and the Socialistic Order

The Gita, on the other hand, encourages the common man to research Truth.

It asks man to take to the means of Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti in order to attain Truth.

When one progresses on the path of Truth, automatically one becomes equanimous.

Equanimity is not a goal in itself but a symptom presenting itself as one grasps the truth behind the workings of the world.

Socialism aligns itself to uproot Dharma, while Gita’s Equanimity represents the zenith of Dharma.


In the socialistic order, the disorder is the basis, where one hogs the place only for oneself through deceit and lies.

This so-called order attempts to displace others by resorting to unfair means.

On the other hand, the equanimity of the Gita is attained through self-surrender and care for the Self.

This includes all beings of the universe without any exception.   

Imbalance of the Socialistic Order

Comparing the teachings of the Gita with a socialistic order is preposterous.

Socialistic Order needs a man to lose his character while Gita only emphasizes character-building.

The pseudo-liberal socialistic setup gives emphasis to external behavior, even at the cost of all inner values.

It promulgates the beautification of a wrapper around filth.

The main aim of such a culture is to usurp the rights of the innocent and lead a life enjoying “the other’s wealth”.

In the Gita, there is an emphasis on the Spirit.

The great Scripture cuts asunder all false conceptions of superiority and inferiority.

It promulgates dependence on elevated principles of straightforwardness and character, where Truth is the only goal.

Such Truth is completely devoid of bias, the very basis for equanimity.

Material Abundance is a farce

Material Abundance is one goal of a socialistic order.

But at what cost?

This so-called System discounts adherence to Truth.

It believes in the accumulation of Wealth, in the name of fooling people.

It does so, through its non-transparent pseudo-principles of equality among men.

On the other hand, the Gita recommends spiritual balance with an emphasis on joy spurting forth from a pure conscience.

The Gita is the handbook to attain utter fearlessness based on the fundamental principles of life and life processes.

The Socialistic Order is most intolerant

In the socialistic order, they talk about tolerance and intolerance.

It actually widens the rift between the haves and the have not.


The leaders of a socialistic order, get their children educated in expensive schools with the money of the poor and innocent.

They encourage the poor to disrupt normalcy in the nation as if they care for the poor.

In the name of establishing rights, the socialistic structure demeans and corrupts the very gene of the peoples of a nation.

The Gita is about pure consciousness

On the other hand, the Gita talks about raising consciousness such that equanimity is attained.

There is no prejudice and everyone is treated according to their merit.

The Gita admits the inequality among men.

This is the Truth.

The Gita only goads man to get deeper.

It unites men at the level of the all-pervading consciousness, establishing genuine equanimity.

True education is in the cultivation of Spiritual Knowledge.