Existence of Hell and Heaven in Hinduism

How People view Heaven and Hell

People believe that the idea of Hell was a Religion-created idea, to instill fear in the hearts of the wrong-doers.

But this is not correct.

Hell is not an idea, it is real and experiential.

The so-called educated elite of the world believes, that modern education itself translates into making Hell and Heavens as figments of fiction.

This assumption is dangerous and will reveal itself at the time of death.

If one is lucky and fortunate, Hell can open up anytime, not metaphorically but in all reality.

Some so-called erudite, elitists become part of institutions like the Psychical Research Society and deny the existence of after-life altogether.

Such a denial shows up in their behaviors, even without their knowledge.

Heaven and Hell, are not mere concepts but realms of existence or dimensions of existence.

Serious Vedic writers of Yore such as Yajnavalkya, a Brahma-Jnani, and a Knower of Truth, delves deeper into the subject of Heaven and Hell.

Where does Hell exist?

Yajnavalkya is the writer of a work of Sanatana laws.

In one of its chapters known as Prayaschitta Adhyaya (The Chapter of Repentance), he mentions the existence of 21 various types of Hells.

These Hells are not places where one can travel to, as we comically see in sci-fi movies or television programs.


Hell, is a reactionary dimension, that exists as a layer of existence, right here, right now, right at this place where we now exist.

However, there are Eternal Rules (which means Sanatana Dharma), that govern the experience of this dimension.

Explaining the Reality of Hell

Only under certain personal behavioral conditions, past and present can trigger dimensions, and then it becomes a living reality for an individual.

Under normal living conditions, it may appear that there can never be something like Hell or Heaven as the Scriptures describe.

But, how can we respond to our dreaming condition during sleep? 

Are the figures that we experience appear fake, while we are deeply dreaming?

Don’t we feel joy and sorrow with great intensity as we dream?

For that matter, even our day-to-day experiences in this current body, our waking experiences is a continuing dream.

The only caveat is, this dream takes a temporary break and we enter into a totally different dream while we sleep.

The Science that explains Hell

The science of Panchikarana and Panchakoshas explain how the elements form our reality.

The Science of Panchikarana also discusses how the world becomes a living reality.

Our Psyche records worldly impressions, responses, words, actions at a deeper region within our constitution.

This modern psychology calls the subconscious plane.

However, there is an additional layer that is within us, probably which modern science has not been able to amply explain.

This is the psychic layer of reward and punishment that is aligned with the Spirit, with the Absolute Truth.

This psychic layer functions irrespective of sentient and insentient.


Sanatana Dharma (The Eternal Law), which is Absolute Truth defines this psychic layer.

This definition depends upon our past lives, our present life, our pending Karma, and many other factors, which are beyond time, place, circumstance.

This whole definition depends on the total journey of the soul from time immemorial to the present moment.

When an individual leaves the body, depending on whether he has to be rewarded or punished, he undergoes Hell or Heaven.

The response mechanism set by the  Eternal law is Hell or Heaven.

How can we experience Hell or Heaven?

These are regions within our own unconscious planes of existence.

Depending on our overall performance during our “assumed” waking state on the earthly or material plane, we get to experience hell, heaven, or both.

The experience of these planes usually happens on the separation of the spirit from the body.

In extraordinary conditions, there may also be a temporary separation of the spirit from the body.

This happens, when a person is clinically dead, but the soul does not finally vacate the body.

At this time, Providence forces the soul into these planes for a temporary period, according to the Eternal Law.

There are many cases when the soul returns to the body and the man wakes up as if he had entered a semi-sleep state or dream.

Modern Science is still far away.

There are no direct means to measure someone’s experience of hell or heaven.

Material equipment, although highly advanced today, are far from detecting even an Out of Body Experience.


Trying to detect Realms within consciousness is still a far-fetched dream.

Electric signals or responses used for measuring subjective experiences is just like trying to perform coronary heart surgery with automobile mechanic equipment.

Subjective experiences of Hell and Heaven can be unbelievably subtle.

What is the quantum of a Hell/Heaven Experience?

The bodily currents or even currents around the body could be far lower than 10 to the power of -100000 pico amperes, maybe even smaller.

There is only one instrument that can measure currents of such low amplitude that is human consciousness itself.

Nothing else can come even closer.

Human consciousness is infinitely subtle and is undetectable.

But, Consciousness alone can experience Heaven and Hell.

This is because these realms are much grosser as compared to consciousness.

Scientific Reasons for being Moral and Truthful

Why do people respond by saying “It’s Grouse” when they get into a horrible experience?

It simply means that there is “Grossness” of some type with which they do not vibe well.

Gross behavior includes non-chastity, Being Stealthy, Being bad in some manner.

“Grouse” and “Gross” mean the same thing.

It means being heavy.

Heaviness is the opposite of subtlety or lightness.

Heaven is the  Subtle equivalent of Truthfulness and Morality.

The Subtle Equivalent of Grouseness is Hell.

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