Experiencing Nag Loka, the Abode of Snakes

Naga Loka Experiences and facts

People are interested in Snakes

Snakes have always interested people.

The Shastra also point to the fact that there is a Loka or planet which belongs only to Nagas or Snakes

People also want to understand the mystery behind the Naga Lokas.

Many people see dreams about snakes.

They think about snakes and dream deeply about the existence and life of snakes.

Many of the people want to interpret their connections with the Snakes and Snake-World.

This is not uncommon.

What does Shastra say about the Snake-World?

Many people reveal their experiences of Hell and Heaven.

The experiences are unique consisting of descriptions of the place and people around.

Similarly, some people tap into the frequency of the Naga world as well.

The Shastras also reveal that the Snake-world is one of the subdivisions of Patala Loka or the nether world.

It is the deepest strata of Worlds and represents the 14th World of existence.

It is impossible to enter the Naga Loka with the help of our Gross physical body.

There are laws and principles that apply to Naga Loka and the region reserves entry into it.

Naga Scriptures about Serpents (सर्प) and Nagas (नाग)

A person can only know about the Naga Loka if there is some predetermined condition that relates him with the Loka in some manner.

Usually, such a candidate is one who has attained the body of a serpent in a previous lifetime. Serpents are Nagas are different by construct.

Nagas is a different advanced species as compared to Serpents.

Nagas can have human-like qualities and can qualify to change forms as they like.

However, people who have taken serpent bodies in a previous life qualify to enter Naga Loka.

So say the Naga Scriptures.

The Nagas possess the specific knowledge of “Sammohan Vidya” (सम्मोहन विद्या).

To hypnotize other beings, this Vidya proves useful.

Many times Nagas are unaware that they possess this quality of Sammohan Vidya

However, when they become aware of this Knowledge, they begin to use this knowledge to their advantage.

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The Tantrik uses Manas Vidya (मानस विद्या)

There are many Tantriks, endowed with the power of entering the Naga Loka.

The Queen of the Naga Loka is  “Ma Tataksha” (मां ततक्ष).

By the blessings and Upasana of this deity of the Nagas, a Tantrik once entered the Naga Loka.

The Tantrik used a specific type of meditative practice such as “Manas Vidya” and meditated on the specific details of “Ma Tataksha” to draw her grace.

Once the Tantrik invoked the grace of Ma Tataksha, The Tantrik submitted to the Mother of snakes ” Mother, I intend to enter the Naga Loka.

I want to witness the beauty of the Naga Loka, as the Scriptures speak of them very highly.

Ma Tataksha leads the way to Naga Loka

As the Tantrik entered deep meditative states, “Ma Tatakshi” led the Tantrik to a deeply forested area near a cave.

The Tantrik followed the Mother of Snakes.

She then led the Tantrik to a staircase that went deep into the ground.

Mind you, all this took place through the Manas Vidya, which the Tantrik had learned from his guru.

The Tantrik had attained a suitable subtle body to enter the Naga Loka and hence Ma Tatakshi led him through the deep stairway, dousing the desire of the Tantrik.

The two of them reached the lowermost base of the universe.

The Journey Beyond the End of the World

The Tantrik never imagined these scenes. but directly experienced it, through the grace of Ma Tatakshi and Manas Vidya.

The scene appeared with as much clarity as somebody would watch 3D cinema in a cinema hall.

At the very base of the universe is a huge chamber.

Ma Tatakshi enters that chamber, now, embellished with a Trident also known as the Trishul. The Naga Devi (Ma Tatakshi) then starts reciting some mantras in a deep-throated voice.

She turns the Trishul upside down and touching it to the ground, and continues to chant the Mantras.

By now the Naga Devi has assumed a celestial form.

Then, all of a sudden, one of the major walls of the giant chamber starts shifting, as if it is opening itself into a new world.

The Tantrik enters the Naga World

The Tantrik now started experiencing a new shift within himself, as if being pushed into a totally different dimension.

The Shastras claim that wherever you stand on the face of the earth, unlimited dimensions exist at that very spot, but we are not capable of hacking into those dimensions.

The Tantrik, however, was now actually entering one such dimension.

There is a mysterious avenue that opens up, behind the wall that split open.

The Tantrik sees two Nagas in that new dimension.

The top half of their body was just like that of humans, but the part below the waist was like that of serpents.

The two Nagas held spears and shields in their hands.

The two nagas bow before Naga Devi and let the Tantrik and the Naga Devi through into that dimension.

A Mysterious and Fearful Sight

Now the road gets narrow and suddenly there is a heart-wrecking scene.

On either side of the rocky road, there are deep dense clouds and ravines or deep chasms on both sides of the road.

It appeared as if the Tantrik and Naga Devi had traveled to the very core of the universe and now, they have walked out free, into outer space.

The Mystery was increasing at every step.

The clouds were now whitening up.

The whole region was feeling cold.

Then as they proceed, the scene changes.

Then on both sides of the walk-path, there are many beautiful thrones, studded with gems.

As they pass by, the Tantrik sees many Nagas seated on those thrones.

Nagas greet Naga Devi and the Tantrik

Some of the Nagas were young and some were old.

Many of them wore beautiful, gem-studded crowns.

Some of the male Nagas also had long beards.

Out of the seated crowd, some Nagas arose and started prostrating Naga Devi as we passed them by. Naga Devi also bowed to some Nagas as she passed by them.

A human-looking figure, sat on the main throne, right in front of the Tantrik and Naga Devi.

The human-like figure radiated with brilliance and wore a gem-studded crown.

The Crown had many symbols of Nagas.

The face of this being was gentle and beautiful.

Naga Devi takes Her seat

Naga Devi bowed to him and the human-like being bowed back to Devi.

Then Naga Devi takes her seat on a high throne beside the other being.

It was an intriguing world of experience that enshrouded untold mysteries within itself.

The Tantrik entered such a meditative state that he forgot his original existence, that he was meditating.

The Tantrik then acquired deep knowledge about the Naga Loka, through the direct experience of the Naga Loka through his subtle body.

Naga Loka, available only through the Utkeelan mantra

In reality, it is impossible to get entry into the Naga Loka.

The Naga Loka exists in an encoded form inside the Naga Kavacha mantra.

The Naga Kavacha is the very same methodology that Ma Tatakshi used using the inverted trident.

It was when the wall of the cave chamber opened, opening into another dimension of existence.

The process which Naga Devi performed is technically known as Naga Kavacha Utkeelan Pranali.

The Utkeelan is the key to the Naga world.

A Naga may come to the surface of the earth and when it goes back, it uses the Utkeelan of the Kavacha to re-enter the Naga World.

The mantra is like a password to the domain of the Nagas.

Even using advanced meditational techniques or using different types of subtle bodies to enter the dimension of the Nagas is impossible without first using the Utkeelan mantra.

With the blessings of Ma Tatakshi, the Tantrik learned the Utkeelan Mantra as well as attained permanent access to the nether-world domain of the Nagas.

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