Facts about Lord Parashuram

Story of Lord Parashuram

Lord Vishnu incarnated as the youngest son of Maharishi Jamadagni.

All know, He is the 6th empowered incarnation of the Lord.

How did Parshuram get his name?

Parshurama’s childhood name was Ram.

Later, his father advised him to worship Lord Shiva.

As a result, he acquired Lord Shiva glorious axe called ‘Parshu’.

Thus Rama became ‘Parashurama.’

How was Parshurama born?

There are many stories pertaining to his birth

In ancient India, there lived a king named Gaadhi.

His beautiful daughter Satyavati married Sage Richika.

Immediately after their marriage, Bhrigu, her father-in-law asked her to express her desire.

At once, she requested glorious sons for herself and her mother.

The Mysterious Exchange of Bowls

Now, the sage cautiously submitted two mystical bowls and told the two to consume their respectable share.

However, the mother exchanged the cups and consumed her daughter’s share.

Thus, both ate the inter-changed pudding.

Fortunately, Sage Bhrigu realized the folly and informed his daughter-in-law.

He said-

“Satyavati! Now, you shall have a brahmin son displaying warrior-like characteristics while your mother shall deliver a son of Brahmin temperament:

Satyavati pleaded-

“O sage! Kindly avert this misfortune.

Let my son remain a brahmin.

You can keep this destiny for my grandson”

The sage agreed.

As a result, Satyavati delivered Jamadagni who stood by his brahmin hood.

Brothers of Parshuram

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On growing up, Jamadagni married Prasenjit’s daughter Renuka.

Renuka had five sons named Rukmavan, Sukhena, Vasu, Vishvanas and Parashurama.

Why does Parshurama behead his mother?

Once, Sage Jamadagni’s wife, Renuka, filled water from the pond.

There, she sighted celestial gandharvas water-sporting with women.

An upheaval arose in her mind as she stood gazing at the sight.

As a result, she reported late to the hermitage.

Her husband realized her folly his yogic powers.

He at once ordered his sons- “Kill this woman!”

The sons dare not obey his orders.

Only Parashurama beheaded his mother and brothers at his father’s behest.

Pleased by Parashurama’s obedience, his father insisted on him asking for a boon.

Therefore, Parashurama secured the lives of his family and ensured that they forgot the entire incident.

Why did Parshuram kill Kshatrityas 21 times?

Once King Sahasrarjuna of the Heheya dynasty paid a visit to Sage Jamadagni’s hermitage.

The sage grand welcomed his army owing to the miraculous Kamadhenu cow.

Fascinated by the extraordinary cow, the King ordered Jamadagni to entrust the cow.

On the sage’s refusal he forcibly abducted her. Parashurama who was not present then, waged a war. He single handedly killed the king and gifted the cow to his father.

Sahasrarjuna’s coward son fled from the battlefield.

Later, in Parashurama’s absence, they beheaded his father, Jamadagni who was absorbed in meditation.

Angered by the brutal murder of his father, Parashurama vowed to eradicate the entire warrior class.

Except a few handful of Kshatriyas none could escape his wrath.

Parshurama attacks Ganesha

Once Lord Parashurama visited Kailasha.

However, Lord Shiva was absorbed in meditation.

Yet as he proceeded towards him, Lord Ganesha blocked his way.

Enraged, Parashurama flung his axe onto Ganapati, axing off his tooth.

Thus Ganesha got the name ‘Ekadanta’.

Parashurama argues with Lakshmana

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At the breaking of Lord Shiva’s bow, Parashurama barged into King’s Janaka’s hall.

There he entered into a heated argument with Lakshmana.

Finally, Lord Rama proved his godhood by stringing Lord Vishnu’s bow.

Thereafter He entrusted his Sudarshan Chakra to Parashurama for his future plans.

Later in Sandipani ashram, Lord Parashurama submitted the precious possession to Lord Krishna.

Parshurama donates

After killing the Kshatriyas, he donated their land to the Rishis.

The Rishis had nothing to do with administration.

So, they gifted the kingdoms back to the Kshatriyas.

Again, Parashurama would kill the kings.

Likewise, hr assassinated the Kshatriyas 21 times and erased their footsteps from the globe.

Lord Parashurama’s filial love

By performing a Yajna, Parashurama revived his departed father by bringing his chopped head close to his body.

He then awarded his father Jamadagni a position in the Saptarishi constellation.

On his 21’s victory, Parashurama donated the land to Kashyapa Rishi.

However, Kashyapa Rishi clearly told him-

“From now on, spend the night outside my land.”

So Parashurama headed towards South India on the western coast.

There he acquired land given to him by the ocean god for his residence.

Parasurama- the greatest trainer


bhishma becomes the kaurava commander

In Dvapara yuga, Parashurama taught Bhishma warfare.

However when Bhishma refused to marry Amba, Parashurama grew wild.

The master and disciple battled for days together.

Finally the rishis pacified Parashurama.

Since then, he vowed not to teach any Kshatriya.


Karna disguised as a Brahmin to learn warfare.

Once Parshurama was sleeping on his lap.

A spider climbed on Karna’s lap and began to suck his blood.

Karna sat motionless to ensure an undisturbed sleep for his master.

On waking up, Parashurama questioned him-

“Who are you?

A Brahmin cannot tolerate such pain.”

Finally, Karna revealed his true identity.

Parashurama cursed him-

“You shall forget all your knowledge during the time of crisis.”


Once, Parshurama was distributing his life-long possessions to brahmins.

Even Dronacharya stood in the line.

However at the end he had nothing to donate. 

So out of mercy, Parshurama asked him to demand any of his weapons.

Dronacharya said- 

“I want the knowledge of all your weapons.”

Parashurama granted his wish.

Thus Dronacharya became an invincible warrior.

Interesting facts about lord Parshurama

1) Lord Parashurama is immortal.

Thus, he is one of the 8 Chiranjeevis of Bharat Bhoomi.

2) During Kalki avatar, he shall teach Lord Kalki the art of warfare.

3) In the future Manvantara, he shall acquire the position of a Saptarishi.

Famous temple of lord Parashurama

Lord Parshurama has many temples in india 

The foremost of them is the Parashurama temple in Janapav (Indore) which is also his revered birthplace.

Parashurama Mantra

Om Jamdagnaya vidmahe

Mahaviraya dhimahi

Tanno Parshurama Prachodayat

Benefits– Those who recite this mantra with devotion never face poverty.

They are blessed with land, fame, prosperity, and valor.

The mantra represents the fire element.

The mantra increases your power to fulfil your vows and makes you resolute.

Thus, it ignites the masculine side of the reciter.

The reciter shall stand by truth and stand against Adharma.

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