Family Tree of King Pururava

family tree of pururava and urvashi

Introduction to the Lunar Dynasty

The Story of Pururava is one of the ancient stories of the Kings of the lunar Dynasty.

The Lunar Dynasty has its roots in Sri Brahma.

Lord Brahma was born out of the cosmic pool of existence, from the stem of the Lotus flower that emerged from the navel of the Cosmic Person.

In other words, the first ancestor of the Lunar dynasty, Sri Brahma was born from the navel of Sri Narayana.

Later, Sri Brahma gave rise to the Saptarishis of which Atri was equivalent to his father in terms of Virtues, Knowledge, Charm and Spiritual Power.

Possessing immense power, it is said that once Sage Atri was overpowered by tears of joy.

So, from the tears of joy emerged Soma, the father of the Lunar Dynasty.

Atri’s joys are compared to nectar and hence, Soma was the name of his son, which meant embodiment of nectar.

Sri Brahma appointed his grandson as the chief governing body of the stars.

Here is why we see the stars surrounding the moon (Soma).

Also, he made him the chief among Brahmana Lord of agriculture and other herbs.

After attaining such responsibilities, the Moon God conquered the three worlds, establishing his supremacy.

He commenced upon a Rajasuya Yajna to please the Lord.

Soma Abducts Tara

However, as arrogance clouded his mind, Soma immediately clasped the hands of Tara devi, the wife of Brihaspati.

Forcibly carrying away Tara Devi with him, Soma many times confronted Brihaspati.

Brihaspati tried to subdue Soma, however all efforts were in vain.

Hence, to retrieve his wife from the arrogant moon god, a mighty battle ensued between the Devatas and Asuras.

Brishaspati Bhagawan

The Asuras supported the Moon God for Brihaspati and Shukracharya (Mentor of Asuras) were born enemies.

On the other hand, Lord Shiva with his army of ghosts, goblins, spirits and others espoused the cause of Brihaspati.

Lord Shiva, perfused with compassion, felt inclined towards Brihaspati the son of Sage Angira.

Moreover, the celestial army of Indra too teamed up with Brihaspati.

With the great annihilation that occurred during the course  of the battle both the Devatas and asuras had to incur huge losses.

Both the armies lost their soldiers and other warriors.

This compelled the Creator of the Universe to intervene and take the reins in his hands.

Sri Brahma Solves the Problem

So, Sri Brahma took both the sides into account and concluded that Soma was at fault.

He reprimanded him and restored Tara to her rightful husband, Brihaspati.

However, the untold pregnancy of Tara, disappointed her husband.

He expected to have children from her.

But, his desire was put to an end as Soma usurped his rights by illegitimately abducting her.

However, Tara birthed an effulgent son, who later became famous as Buddh, the planet.

Buddh is the first planet, Mercury.

Who was the Father of Buddh?

Now, both Soma and Brihaspati experienced great attachment for the newborn infant of Tara.

Overcome as she was by shame, Tara spoke not a single word, as the two (Brihaspati and Soma) bitterly quarrelled, trying to prove the newborn as their heir.

Looking at the toxic dispute between the two reputable men and after witnessing the silence of his mother, the newborn infant spoke.

He said: “Why do you hide your sinful action under the garb of modesty? Reveal your sins at once, and reveal my identity to the assembled people at once.”

Then, Sri Brahma, took Tara by his side and affectionately interrogated her.

She revealed that it was after her union with Soma that Buddh was born.

After that, Soma took possession of his son.

He was named Buddh, by Sri Brahma for his wisdom and sharp intellect.

Buddh became the source of joy for Soma, his father.

Birth of Pururava


With passing years, Buddh attained maturity and in his youthful spirit, he wedded Ila, the daughter of Shraddhadeva Manu.

After the Marriage of Buddh and Ila, Pururava was born.

The story of Ila is also very unusual, click on the link above to know more.

He got the name Aila, the son of Ila.

The beauty, valour, charm, wisdom, military skills, knowledge and physical appearance of King Pururva became a topic of discussion between Sage Narada and the courtiers of Swarga and Indra Himself.

After hearing the detailed description of Pururava, from the mouth of Narada, the celestial nymph Urvashi experienced deep longing for him.

Subsequently, she attained a human form and appeared on Earth, following a curse of Mitra-Varuna Gods.

She was enamoured by the very glance of the handsome king.

Pururava meets Urvashi

When Pururava saw the idol of Beauty, Urvashi standing in front of his eyes, a stream of delight ran through his spine.

With the most modest words, he invited her to sit on the seat next to him.

He welcomed her and invited her to spend some wonderful moments together with him.

They longed to unite and stay in communion for years together.

Urvashi in her reply began with praising the King’s personality.

She expressed her mood towards him.

Urvashi lays down her Conditions


Though Urvashi was also pining to embrace the attractive king, she resisted herself.

Before she engaged in any close activity, she laid some conditions.

She said: “I shall enjoy the pleasures of life till the time you protect these two rams of mine, who are dearer to me than my own sons, if at all I have them.

Next, I shall subsist on clarified Butter (Ghee).

Additionally, except for the period of coition, I shall never see you naked.”

The king heartily accepted all the conditions.

Then there followed one of the famous adaptations, King Pururava and Urvashi’s tragic love story.

From Uravshi, Pururava had 6 sons.

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