Mind and Awareness | Awareness of Mind and Clearing Thought Patterns

The mind is the mirror of the world. What lie within our minds are our thoughts, views, opinions and perspectives. The world outside is colored with our inner projections. These projections are presented to us through the medium of the external world, through the medium of the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. The world outside is whatever illusion we have built within ourselves through our thoughts and perceptions, consciously or unconsciously. It is within each one of us. It is usually untrained and there is a great need to tame it. If left free without control, it creates havoc in our lives. The news is, its already doing it.

It is the very nature of our inner world that poses challenges in the outside world that which we experience outside the body as time, place, circumstances and events. What we undergo in life is just a roll up of our deeper hunches, unconscious traits, unclean habits and all those aspects of human behavior which we ourselves are totally unaware of. What is at stake, is our very life, our peace and happiness. All suffering is due to the incorrect functioning of the mind. The mind is a mad circus driven by greed and self-centeredness. It operates on survival instincts, totally in the reptilian mode. The mind, is the animal within us, which, if let unattended, can wreck the quality of our life.  The secret of solving the mystery of life, at the outside, is by grappling the inner instrument that projects it, the mind. The mind has to be, at some point educated, retrained and re-programmed. It has to be re-informed about birth, aging, illness, death and Moral Conduct. Unless these aspects are fixed within, life as a process can never be fixed.

One has to be properly educated about what needs struggle and where struggle is unnecessary. All of us have grown up, quite unaware of what has shaped our growth. We do not know what has been sown within our hearts that is tailoring and shaping our future, even without our conscious consent. This is what is frightening, if we care to understand it at all. What is important, is to get a hang on the triggers of life within us. The mind is that which enjoys, seated quietly behind our sensory perceptions of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Give food to engage the senses and the mind shall only demand more and more. Tools have to be employed to get the mind to behave. A proper spiritual discipline, in line with our Vedic Wisdom, is perhaps the only toolset available today, to initiate the mind in the proper direction, towards the resolution of life’s problems, towards enlightenment.

Constant reflection and clear awareness of suffering is the means of frightening the mind.  Unless you frighten the mind thus, it shall be happy to immerse us, in the deep waters of unceasing struggle. A struggle that shall lead us nowhere, towards furthering confusion. Engaging the mind in higher things, higher ideals, training the mind to rejoice in virtues, is a great means to make it feel lighter and healthier. That will elevate us in our endeavors to reach higher areas of joy and happiness. Inspiration is a needed tonic for the mind. Thoughts that trigger selfless actions, will release the soul. Today, the soul is a slave of the mind. Unless the mind is made lighter in the light of conscious morality, the soul shall never be free. Follow your heart, it is a sign of freedom. Follow the words of the Wise, it is a sign of intelligence.