How does the Mind create Reality? | How does Consciousness Work?

From Information to the Spiritual World-Featured

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This is the information age. Although we are not products of information, we consume a whole lot of information. The digital age has filled our minds with a whole lot of data which we choose to consume, based on our inner alignment, based on our interests and based on what inspires us or entertains us. Thus information is highly customized. Information is also arranged and presented in various formats by the digital media, to suit its consumers. All this said, it is upon us, as to how consciousness needs to be aligned within us so that, the information that we consume resonates within us and inspires us to head in the direction, where we choose to go.

Consciousness is the crux of our existence. It is the living force. Consciousness exists, unconditionally and has no shape. However consciousness can be shaped in such a way that it can create a whole lot of satisfaction within us. Mindset is an evolute of consciousness that is like a transparent vessel powered by consciousness. The shape of that vessel is of the nature of our thoughts, our principles, our value system and our character. It is also analogous to a space-ship, a vehicle that rudders destiny. When information is consumed in alignment with the inner values, it serves as fuel that rudders this space-ship. We get a direction within this life.

It should be understood that life-events and circumstances that get created during the course of our life is the sum total of our values, principles, character, the information that we consume and deliberate on, and our will to head in a particular direction, within the life process. The circumstances and events of our life have no solid significance, but an outcome of this sum total of mindset, values, principles and character. These events then leave an impression on our inner apparatus and the resultant impressions will influence our views, the next set of information we prefer to consume, the impact that it creates on our values, principles and character. This is a never ending process and we travel within time to explore new destinations in time, place, events and mindsets. This defines our life process. It is vital to understand whether there is an end to this process at all. The surprising thing about this is that Vedic spirituality has a definite answer to this question.

The topic has been deliberated by the ancient seers of Sanatana Dharma, who have outlined a set of principles and value systems which any intelligent man will be inspired to follow. Following these principles, the inner vessel of the mind and its evolutes which includes the perceptive faculties is purified. Sanatana Dharma also recommends what type of information has to be consumed so that the fuel to navigate the vehicle is pure enough for the instrument to give a 100% spiritual output. When information consumed is pure, naturally the inner values and principles construct a perfect character which is the springboard to launch consciousness to a domain of the ‘ideal world’, called the eternal spiritual world. The spiritual world is a stainless domain where infinity is experienced and realized. The spiritual world is the locative address of consciousness that is transparent and eternal. It has a variety of manifestations and depending on the tuning of consciousness to a particular type of “higher” information and higher value system, individual consciousness is transported to that deathless plane of existence that is ever new, fresh and yet changeless, spotless in terms of its quality. Scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatham have detailed descriptions of these planes of existence. A committed follower of Sanatana Dharma will have access to this plane, while being alive, as he continues to breathe within this dimension of space and time. A person who treads the path of Dharma, shall simultaneously experience the deathless plane while he continues to hold this body of five elements.

When the person is tuned to the higher frequency of higher principles and keeps his mind engaged in higher pursuits of the spirit, consciousness will be propelled towards obtaining a spiritual body which is created out of the enhanced spiritual value system. This body is the eternal body formed out of the three components “Sat”, “Chit” and “Ananda” which are qualified as eternal, full of knowledge and blissful. As he graduates within this life during the course of his continued stay in the planet of mortals, he attains this perfect stainless, spiritual body. He then enters the eternal plane, leaving behind the body of five elements.