Gifts come from Barsana for the GopaKumaras | Glories of Barsana | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 22

Barsana of Radha Krishna | Glories of Barsana

Gopakumaras make Krishna happy

On seeing these garments, ornaments, this aromatic cosmetic paste, Krishna will become delighted. This could probably be why, the girls keep themselves adorned. I know the gimmicks of the Gopa Kumaras. Many times the Sakha’s entwine their turbans with ropes. Instead of wearing a jeweled-necklace, they reward themselves with garlands and earrings strewn with the red seeds of wild creepers (Gunja). Sometimes they even apply cowdung tilak. So that Krishna’s special attention goes towards them. On watching them, Nanda Nandana should laugh, hug them, or engross himself in their beautification (Shringar). Besides this, what else can the girls desire for? But what Shringar would naughty Krishna do for them. Can’t say whether he does Shringar for Sri KirtiKumari in solitude. Otherwise, he only pulls the pigtails of girls and dishevels their adornments and teases them too.

Too many gifts from Barsana!

All this happens, but plenty of gifts keep coming from Barsana. These gifts, on the excuse of unknown festivals, keep coming. The girls exhibiting their clothes and ornaments will move flaunting themselves- “My father has sent this. This, my mother has sent. My brother has sent this. And this comes from my Bhabhi”, Now why would they like the articles present here. In this, even girls cannot be at fault. Krishna alone doesn’t like accessories. But he cherishes the love that operates behind the person who offers the article. Krishna, would smother butter on his face and say- “Who has churned the milk and extracted this?” This is not a great characteristic inherent in Krishna. The credit goes to this Prem-Lok or abode of love. Even gifts come for us from Barsana. On Wearing a dress or ornament from them, an aroma fills the air. That aroma that has settled in them, from the person who has sent the article. That aroma of motherly love, affection and feeling of mine ness by itself makes it a priced possession. Whether you go to Barsana or don’t, the fragrance imparted from the loving hands of Baba-Maiya and the sweet relations from Barsana, pervade the house, forest, our bodies and keep pervading all over, then is there a need to remember Barsana? I asked Sridama once- “Why do plenty of gifts keep coming from Barsana? What is the need for so much?” He said- “You come and ask Baba”. Sridama laughed so heavily that he started tossing all over. As if he heard some clownish talk. If he himself laughs so heavily, who would confront his Baba and how? Even so, it becomes difficult to speak before His Baba. Krishna alone speaks quickly with everyone and will go on forever. On asking, Daudada replied- “Elders sends gifts out of love. Offering after seeing the needs is not generosity. When elders are overwhelmed with love for their dear ones they can’t resist until gifts are sent. It is one type of a visible blessing of theirs.”

What does Radharani love the most?

Once we got this asked from one of Lali’s (Radharani) friends- “What would Lali like? Some grand festival of Krishna’s falls the other day. We wanted to present some gifts to him and to all those present in his chamber of wives. All thought of something or the other. But I found it right to directly get it asked from Lali.

That Rangadevi reported in a little while and said- “Your Lali would love your blessings the most.” Does this make sense? But Lali is simply so sweet, that she can’t think of anything else. I asked Rangadevi- “Okay, What will amuse this Lali?” “For that, you need not take the pains”- saying this, that mischievous girl bending to the ground near the feet, lifted the dust and touching it to her head and ran off. Lali’s girlfriends must be like her. But many days prior, Krishna said- The neelamani which you sent as a present that day, your Lali, doesn’t even mention the name of removing it from her neck. The girlfriends of Lali might have honored these gifts in a similar manner, there is no doubt in this. This Prem Lok-abode of love, Krishna, the personification of love, and with the moods, enriched by the very same flavor of love are his eternal associates. Even objects here are celebrations of love. Still it feels that the full moon of the ocean of love is perhaps Barsana. Its soothing, embracive nectarine-moon light keep showering on us moment to moment. In its many forms, through many ways, its honey submerges all people with its sweetness.

Barsana- The most discussed topic

Barsana is unfamiliar because Bhadra doesn’t go there. Has he ever been there, this too he doesn’t remember. He is scarcely aquatinted with the pathways there. Barsana is a little familiar, because whether he desires or not, the two princes of Barsana, Sridama and Subala are his best friends. They are extremely intimate. Not only do they describe their palace, citizens, and family members but even disclose matters of their sisters’ form-complexion, virtues-conduct, likes, nature, dressing style and decorum while playing, with great zeal and enthusiasm again and again. The residents of a land discuss matters about you, if you are not excited to learn how, when and where the discussion happens, to hear it, if the desire and excitement isn’t aroused in you, then you must certainly be an enlightened being. A Thousand obeisances unto you. But Bhadra, he is neither a Yogi nor a Rishi muni. He is an ordinary Gopakumara. He neither dislikes hearing about him and to hear talks related to Krishna, he is an ever-ready enthusiast. Barsana is extremely intimate, because its enticing aroma keeps lingering in the house, in the forest, on the body and minds too. Let Krishna become ours and Barsana be aliened, be forgotten, is this possible? But you should never hope to hear a detailed description of Barsana from Bhadra. His connectivity and interest doesn’t lie in this conversation. He can only give his blessings to the girls of Barsana- Lali and her girlfriends too desire the very same from him.