Glories of Tamasa River in Ramayana

mind flows like a river

Details of river Tamasa

Tamsa, also written as Tamasa and a.k.a Tons river, flows through many small villages in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, India.

It is a tributary of the Holy Ganges and hence worshipable.

However, the Tamasa river has several other reasons for its glory is associates with the sacred Ithihasa, Ramayana.

Tamasa River has been one of the major rivers, appearing in many Kandas of Valmiki Ramayana.

Sri Rama spends His first Night of Exile

Sri Rama stayed in exile for 14 years.

At that time, the citizens of Ayodhya insisted to accompany Him, Sita Devi, and Lord Lakshmana.

However, Sri Rama did not want the citizens to leave their homes and accompany Him.

He refused to take them along, as life in the forest is full of challenges.

One suffers from both mental and physical agony.

So, the trio, Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita Devi decided to spend their first night of exile near the banks of River Tamasa along with the Ayodhya citizens, as a token of love for them.

However, Before dawn, the three left the spot and resumed their journey, towards the dense forests.

Birthplace of Luv-Kush, Residence of Sri Valmiki

Sage Valmiki’s ashram was situated on the outskirts, 15 km away from the city of Ayodhya, near the banks of this holy river.

According to Uttara Ramayana, Srimati Sitadevi spent the rest of her life in Valmiki Ashram.

Near, the banks of river Tamas, the two scions of the Raghu dynasty, Luv and Kusha were born.

They received their formal education and advanced military training here.

These episodes form a part of the Ramayana.

But, there is a significant episode behind forming the first verse of the Ramayana.

Sage Valmiki offers Prayers on the Banks of River Tamsa

Sage Narada, visited Sage Valmiki to narrate the glorious virtues and pastimes of Sri Rama.

After Sri Narada retired to the celestial abode, the two sages, Valmiki and Bharadwaja arrived at the banks of the Tamasa river.

See how clear and pure, the waters of the river are.

It creates peace and contentment in my heart.

It appears as if it represents the heart of the truthful beings, possessing uncontaminated hearts, untouched by the sediments of Maya.

The water shines like crystals, just like the seekers of Truth who surrender their hearts at the feet of enlightened sages.” said sage Valmiki.

Power of Associating with Enlightened Rishis

It is a well-known fact that if one is in turmoil, one finds peace in the hermitages of sages.

In ancient times, kings used to consult their gurus who were the knowers of truth. At times of need, they used to guide their disciple kings.

The kings found solace under the fine guidance of their spiritual masters. However, today this tradition has gone extinct.

A person confounded by the material energy, associates with sages and devotees who have realized God.

Associating with wise and enlightened beings settle down the sediments of confusion.

Then, one is able to easily discriminate between what is appropriate and inappropriate.

Associating with sages and seers is just like adding alum to turbid, dirty water.

When all the sediments settle down, one is easily able to witness the amount of filth settled down at the bottom of the vessel.

It shall be very easy to now filter clear water and separate the sediments.

Benefits of visiting Tamasa River

Sage Valmiki revealed the glories of the Tamasa river.

The clean pure water reflects the purity of the heart.

Any person who visits this sacred river will receive the blessings of enlightened sages, Sri Rama, and the eternal citizens of Saket Dham.

The mind gets purified and stilled. We experience a state of calmness and all worries disappear.

Ramayana’s Birth near Banks of River Tamasa

After the two sages completed their evening ablutions, they proceeded towards the nearby thicket where they saw two couple-Krauncha birds sharing each other’s loving company.

He witnesses Sri Rama and Sita Devi in the Krauncha birds and that gave immense joy to him.

The grievous sage could no longer see the plightful state of the female Krauncha bird and hence spelled a curse on the guilty.

Alas!, the male bird was shot dead by a member of the tribal community (nishad).

Though they were inauspicious words, spoken in a fit of anger, it was an arrangement made by Sri Rama Himself.

Sri Brahma revealed this to Sage Valmiki and derived an auspicious meaning of the curse.

Thus, this formed the first verse of the Valmiki Ramayana.

The entire Valmiki Ramayana, was written on the banks of river Tamasa, in the Valmiki Ashrama.

Hence it is a sacred spot for devotees even today!

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