Narada Muni Predicts Mother Parvati ‘s Husband | Bhusundi Blessed by Lord Shiva

Glory Of Sages-Part-8

Now with sage Narada, having seen the high points of the character of Mother Parvati, was asked by Mother Parvathi’s father Himavan to also highlight the shortcomings of his daughter Parvati. Sage Narada said “Parvathi’s fate lines on Her palms indicate that Her husband shall be full of faults.” Sage Narada could have said that Parvathi’s marriage was to happen with Lord Shiva. But that idea was highlighted through a negative connotation. The negative connotation simply reflected the way of looking at things with a materialistic viewpoint. Lord Shiva, who was to be the husband of the Mother of the Universe, was one who had snakes and scorpions as His ornaments. He was surrounded by weird creations that included ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Lord Shiva was a resident of the cemetery. He adorned the ashes of the burial ground all over His body and remained naked with skulls dangling around His neck. Will any bride’s father want to marry his daughter to such a man? But this was the idea of “negativity” or negative nature of the bridegroom that was highlighted by Sage Narada.

However when we look at this match between Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva, from the eyes of the Sage, could this be considered as a negative trait? The answer to this question from the viewpoint of the Sage is that Lord Shiva is the epitome of all auspiciousness. He was the very personification of Brahman, the Ultimate being. There is not a being in Creation who can be compared to Lord Shiva, the all-auspicious one. But to answer Himavan’s question, Lord Shiva was presented thus, by the sage, to satisfy the query of Himavan. So it was only an aspect of presentation. Similarly in our daily lives, one regards events and circumstances or even people as favorable and unfavorable. But when we surrender to a sage, the sage has the capacity to transmit all the “good” and “evil” of life as purely auspicious. When a sage or a Guru comes into our lives, the sage has the capacity to present us with a higher vision, a higher perspective is given to us, from the tiniest of unfavorable condition to an apparently massive debacle as appropriate and auspicious. This is the quality of a sage. When we are blessed with the association of a sage, we are surrounded only by favorable and auspicious conditions, however favorable or unfavorable the external world may consider that event to be. A person may have good and favorable qualities, but mixed with those qualities is also pride. The sage does the work of dissolving that pride, through his advice and instructions. The sage also has the quality to inspire a man who is pessimistic and has lost all hopes. It is not that the sage builds false hopes in the hearts of people. Instead the sage attempts the individual to rise above concepts such as hope or cynicism and integrates the outlook of the followers.

Continuing the story of Sri Bhushundiji, which was earlier discussed in Kakbhusundi’s views on Lord Shiva and Lord Rama | How to get the True Benefit of Satsanga?. In The Glories of the Sages of India | Teachings of Goswami Tulsidasji | Story of Kakbhushundi in Ramcharitmanas, Bhushundiji was cursed by Lord Shiva, however due to the kind-heartedness of Bhushundiji’s Guru, Lord Shiva also blessed Bhushundiji that, although he would have to undergo 1000 lifetimes because of the curse, he shall still retain the memory of all previous lifetimes. This blessing was like telling somebody that you shall be attacked by fire, but the fire shall grip you in such a way that you shall not feel the heat of fire. Such was the curse and blessing of Lord Shiva. There was another blessing given to Bhushundiji that he shall not undergo the pain and suffering associated with transmigration. Lord Shiva also blessed Bhushundiji that finally he shall become a devotee of Lord Rama in such a way that he shall remain unparalleled in devotion. This was the effect of two Gurus or sages in Sri Bhushundi’s life. The first being his own spiritual master who was a devotee of Lord Shiva and the second being Lord Shiva Himself. Sri Garuda, as he heard Bhushundiji’s tale, said “That means, you have only received blessings even through the curse.” To this Bhushundiji who is now Kagabhushundi replied “Yes, I have only been joyful through the entire transmigration process, for I can attribute all this to the Glory of Sages in the form of my spiritual master and Lord Shiva; at that time I was Bhushundi. Who else could shower their love on me, other than these two sages who have shaped thus, my many lives?”

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