Existence of God these days

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Disadvantages being an Atheist

People these days take great pride in distancing from the terms of God and Spirituality. This is a kind of “in thing” nowadays. This, I feel is very unfortunate because such an attitude has alienated him from his source. The result is that he has been losing the value system. Although comforts and scientific achievements have been soaring, man’s behavior and urges have regressed to animistic levels.

The softer aspects of human emotions have been fast disappearing, the reason, all the human aspects have their origin in the spiritual dimensions, in the repository which has been collectively nicknamed as God.

God is just not a terminology in the Bible or Vedic Scriptures but a reality that pulsates in the heart of every living and non-living entity. By being indifferent to this reality, one becomes distant from one’s own real nature.

The whole point of life is to rediscover our origins and by getting identified with our origin, merge in it so that the variety of life’s burden shall not affect us anymore and relieve us from the duress of existence once and for all. Knowing God is the greatest adventure.


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Benefits of Theism

This knowledge is the king of all knowledge. Once God becomes known, nothing else remains to be known. All of life’s problems will stand revealed. It is only when one becomes a true student of the subject of God, shall the true purpose of life emerges with clarity.

A person who is a devotee of the Lord will have all his prayers answered and will be given the path that leads to ultimate freedom. After knowing God, he shall be equipped to show the path to others who are interested in ending their seemingly endless problems. To know God is to know yourself completely.

What do you feel about the concept of God? Do you personally believe in God? Do you think God is irrelevant? Does God have anything to do with growing wise? Do connect with me and let me know.

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